Bargain Thread 2019

D’oh! That happened to me once. In my case it was with the Tales of Valor DLC for CoH.

I think it might have been a Humble Monthly at one point? That could be why.

From SD:

Check your Google Play Notifications - Movie & Book deals ($1.99 movie rental, $3 or $4 off eBook) - YMMV

I went into the notifications tab of the Google Play store (click 3 line button in upper left, then click notifications). In there I had an offer for a $1.99 movie rental, $3 off an eBook over $4, and $4 off an eBook over $4.

But it only worked on my Android device. I couldn’t find a notification section on my PC.

So how is that Immortal Planet game that’s included in the $1 tier of the current RPG Humble Bundle? I’m curious about it and Deep Sky Derelicts.

Deep Sky Derelicts is worth your time, though if you play a little and like it you should pick up the expansion which considerably enhances the game (and can be had very cheap).

FYI the end of summer sale over at Humble Store is almost over (Less than 18 hours left). If you spend $50 , you get both a $3 coupon and a $5 coupon off your future game purchases.

Lovecraftian Conarium is now free on the Epic Games Store.

Something related to Batman (unannounced!) is coming next week.

Deep Rock Galactic currently has a free weekend, $20 sale, and free hat.

The Last Warlord (early access ROT3K clone) is $5.

Rage 2 is $20.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 is $20.

Masters of Anima is $5.

Yep, RAGE 2 gonna tempt all weekend. But by winter maybe it will be 75% off?

Deep Rock Galactic looks ridiculously fun, but it’s multiplayer only, right? That one and Space Beast Terror Fright (basically L4D but it’s Aliens) both make me wish I were in my 20s and had a crew of gaming friends.

It can be played solo, there’s even an NPC robot to assist you in that particular mode. Frankly, when playing MP, I really miss that robot.

Thanks for that info, and the reply before about Deep Sky Derelicts. I hit up lordcosk for a key of that one in the Giveaway Thread.

Dirt Rally is currently free on Steam:

Didn’t work for me. Is there a limited number?

It has told me it was added to my library, but I cannot install it, and it isn’t in my library, so it looks like there are some issues with it.

Deep Rock Galactic is a blast solo. It’s even more fun with friends, but your robot buddy in solo mode is awesome.

10% off all editions of Borderlands 3 @ GMG.

So that code would work in the EGS?

Nope, only via GMG, they are reducing their profits to get sales.

Wait you mean the voucher code? Buying from GMG gets you a EGS key.

Sorry, I meant the game code that GMG sells you. Would that work in EGS?