Bargain Thread 2019

Planet Alpha is a Limbo/Inside-alike. You mostly walk right through environments, with some light puzzles. I played it for about 45 minutes, dunno how long it is.

The Steins; Gate games are on sale on steam. Anyone have any strong feelings about them one way or the other? I like some anime, don’t think I’ve ever played a visual novel before.

The original is a stone classic. I dunno if Zero is well-regarded or not. I think it’s remarkably bullshit that they’ve tied the extra content of Linear Bounded Phenogram to the Elite re-release that’s fucking $60 (normally, of course), as far as I know is not otherwise expanded over the original release, and which IMO is a substantial aesthetic downgrade due to having basically stitched in stills from the anime instead of the original (more interesting) art. They didn’t even give a real discount for already owning the original release. Bleh.

Purchased Planet Alpha. Why? Because it’s visually stunning.

Well now I’m even more confused, in that I thought both Limbo and Inside were crazy-hard platformers.

I finished Limbo and Inside and I am the worst gamer ever. So they are definitely not crazy hard.

Mistaken impression, I guess - or I got them straight-up confused with something else.

I never could finish Limbo. I don’t know what that makes me :(

Omg that Limbo ending! @Left_Empty you have toooo finish it.

I surrender the belt.

Limbo was great. It was Inside that I didn’t finish.

What’s hard about Limbo (and currently Inside, in which I got stuck), is figuring out exactly what to do. I don’t recall having too much trouble once I figured out the puzzle. Even though the solution is usually pushing or pulling or going left and right or jumping, it’s still a matter not trying the wrong, obvious solution over and over again and getting yourself killed.

Like the spot where I’m stuck now in Inside, I don’t know what the actual solution is, so I keep trying the same thing over and over and dying.

That’s pretty much the opposite of an interesting time to me and why I haven’t finished it. And being worse than @moss_icon doesn’t help.

I mean, the only reason we’re trying the wrong solution over and over and dying is because we’re trying to figure out the right solution. Not because we suck.

It’s a puzzle, not a platforming technical hurdle.

I may have used a walk-through.

So Fanatical’s Insanity Flash Deals Sale has been live for a couple of hours now. Deals so far include:

  • Deus Ex : GOTY - $0.80 (89%)
  • Borderlands 3 - $50.99 (15%) - that’s $1 over the historic low thus far
  • South Park : The Fractured But Whole - $5.48 (91%)
  • Soul Calibur VI - $15.99 (74%)
  • Monster Hunter World - $26.39 (56%)
  • Grey Goo : Definitive Edition - $0.89 (97%)
  • Project Hospital - $14.99 (40%) a historic low
  • Rimworld - $30.79 (12%)
  • Darksiders 3 : Deluxe Edition - $23.99 (70%)
  • Middle Earth : Shadow of War - Definitive Edition - $11.99 (80%)
  • Everspace : Ultimate Edition - $7.99 (84%)
  • Hitman 2 : Gold Edition - $32.99 (67%)
  • Shadows Awakening - $9.19 (77%) a historic low
  • and more, with additional flash deals revealed every few minutes…

Any purchase in the sale nets you an additional 5% off coupon for your next purchase, including sale titles. So buy Deus Ex or Grey Goo and save an extra $2.50 off Borderlands 3 or $1.55 off Rimworld.

The Humble Postmodern Bundle is live.

  • $1.00 for Thomas Was Alone, Beckett, Rusty Lake Hotel, and Yume Nikki
  • BTA (currently $7.00) and add : The Stanley Parable, Everything and Yume Nikki : Dream Diary
  • Pay $15 and unlock : Catherine Classic

Over on GOG, buy Disco Elysium for $39.99 and get Underrail for FREE.

No one should be encouraged to buy Grey Goo. ;)
Old Man’s Journey @ $1.51 is a good game, so get that. :P

Great price for “Middle of War: Earth Shadow: Batman Mordor Knight 2” ;-)

Did I remember it right? :D

I can’t find the thread to confirm it! ;)

Actually I remembered it right except that the thread title is missing the second colon and instead has an “aka” in its place.

BTW, I’m truly tempted by Wreckfest at $15.80.