Bargain Thread 2019

Would they lower the regular model having just released the Switch Lite? I don’t think so.

I can see maybe $249. Probably more like $279 with a $20 gift card or game thrown in, and maybe $179 for the Lite if it even sees sales so close to release. Possibly just buy the system, get a free game type of deals.

Still, does make my mouth water.

I’d be almost required to get my daughter a Switch Lite if it was really that cheap.

Yeah. There’s a whole smorgasbord of tasty meatballs comin’ if that ad is accurate.

Is an Xbox One S a good device to have as a Blu Ray Player?

The one in that ad is the all digital edition and has no disc drive, so no. But in general, it’s fine.

I could see the switch going that low. I have a deal alert set up and I’ve been seeing $270 (Amazon this week after GC) and even $250 from the rakuten-level sellers right now. And yes, it’s version 2.

Dang. Thank you for that!

A $200 Switch that would work on the big screen would be pretty tempting, if it happens. Well, this year, 2019 it would be tempting. In 2020, the PS5 and Xbox 2 will be out, so it wouldn’t be as tempting. In Holiday 2021 it would be a tempting proposition again as a second console in addition to whichever one I have from the previous year.

Don’t buy a Switch; it’s a trap: it will make you buy your whole backlog again at full price!

Heh. I doubt that. I bought a Vita once, thinking that even though I don’t play games on the go, once I had a handheld, my habits would change and I would start playing it, but despite a lot of effort, it didn’t happen. So given that, I doubt if I’ll ever use the Switch in handheld mode, which means I’ll probably never be tempted to get something I already have on other platforms again on the Switch, since that temptation seems to be reserved for people who play in handheld mode.

The PS4 for $150 is an excellent (maybe the best?) Blu-ray player.

The PS4 doesn’t handle 4k, but for those without a 4k (or better) TV, it is excellent.

And just for completeness, the PS4 Pro doesn’t support Bluray 4k either. Basically Sony didn’t want to pay into the HEVC patent pool or license AACS 2.0 on every console for a feature most people don’t care about, and a rapidly diminishing market to boot.

Oh, is the 4k market “rapidly diminishing”? I guess I figured I was just a dinosaur holdout with my 1080p TV and monitor.

I’m the same dinosaur holdout.

I think he meant the Blu-ray market was rapidly diminishing?
We all should talk Latin, such a better language.

I have 2 TV’s, one is 720p and the other is a CRTV. My monitor’s 1080. I have no idea what the point of a 4K display is, aside from as a marketing gimmick.

The physical media market is rapidly shrinking.

I basically think 4k is bullshit for most living room purposes, based on TV sizes and couch distances. It isn’t BS for computers, where you sit much closer to the monitor.

It looks sweet, dude!

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