Bargain Thread 2019

haha yea that’s what my brain was thinking and I was so confused.

Looks like Valve may have sold more than they actually had left. Some people are getting emails about cancelled orders.

I don’t know what’s up with my Steam controller - Fed Ex website says it left Chicago on Saturday morning, doesn’t take that long to get to Seattle. But it ain’t here.

Is it FedEx Ground, though? Because as I recall mine took a long time to get to Portland back when. For some reason having to do with its internal electronics (or maybe it was the Steam Link’s) they couldn’t ship it by air.

I can’t tell from the website, doesn’t seem to distinguish between air and ground on my shipment. Hopefully it’s just as you say though, since nobody has told me it’s canceled.

Back to boring old daily specials and bundles for a while until the Holiday/Winter sales start up in three weeks or so.

Fanatical still has their Black Friday Sale happening for a few more hours though for you procrastinators.
They also just launched a Star Deal on Life Is Strange Complete for $3.79 (80%).
A new Tower Defense Bundle is also live at $4.99. It features Warstone, Guards and Age of Defense.

Humble has ended their Fall Sale, but launched the annual Yogscast Jingle Jam, where $30 nets you 20 days of games, DLC and other content. Already revealed items (It’s Day 3) include:

  • Kingdom : New Lands
  • Bastion
  • Rapture Rejects
  • Invisible Inc.
  • Red Orchestra 2 : GOTY
  • Dreadlands
  • Clatter
  • Crusader Kings II : Dynasty Starter Pack
  • Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
  • and more

Humble Store has a Tabletop Games Sale with decent discounts on tabletop inspired and conversion games.

Grim Dawn is only $4.99 (a steal for such a great ARPG), the Ashes of Malmouth DLC is a historic low $10.79 (40%) and the Forgotten Gods DLC is also a historic low $11.19 (30%) at the Humble Store.

Steam MidWeek Madness is live, just in case you didn’t purchase enough Steam games over the weekend sale…

  • Play Imperator : Rome free for 5 days, then pay $26.79 (33%) if you want to own it. That’s not a bad price, but it’s been lower in recent sales.
  • Trippy Action-Adventure game We Happy Few is $24.00 (60%).
  • Children of Morta is $16.49 (25%), but it’s been cheaper, including $14.84 currently on Fanatical when using code BLACK10.
  • Codemasters Publisher Sale is also happening. Seems like an odd time for a publishers sale immediately after a Steam Sale week, but whatever. Plenty of good deals for racing game fans.

Zombie Driver is free on steam. It’s fun.

Huh, I thought I already had that but turns out I had Zombie Driver and not Zombie Driver HD, which is a totally different game!

You’re joking right? It’s not a completely different game is it? I played and finished Zombie Driver back in the day. I would have thought Zombie Driver HD would just be the same game with new textures or something?

Yes, I now have two different games in my Steam library, one is Zombie Driver and one is Zombie Driver HD.

Well, sure, but it’s the same thing just prettied up, right?

I have not tried the HD version but I’d say that’s a fair guess.

The story mode also got redone. New bosses, etc

Fanatical has a new Disorder Bundle live. $4.99 for 12 indie Steam games including:

  • Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
  • DEX
  • Next Hero
  • Symmetry
  • Morphite
  • Supreme Ruler : The Great War
  • Morphies Law : Remorphed
  • Downfall
  • My memory of Us
  • Super Life of Pixel
  • Auto Age : Standoff
  • The Light Keeps Us Safe

No idea if any of those are any good except for DEX, which is a decent side scroller.

I just noticed that Humble Store has a bunch of downloadable games for Nintendo Switch on sale through midnight tonight. Up to 60% off on some of the titles.

  • Zelda : Breath of the Wild is $42 (30%)
  • Super Mario Party is $42 (30%)
  • Divinity : Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition is $40 (20%)
  • Resident Evil is $15 (50%)
  • Resident Evil 4 is $20 (33%)
  • and lots more.

I don’t own a Switch, so I have no idea if those are decent prices or not.

The Disorder Bundle is a new low for The Light Keeps Us Safe, and I would give Next Hero, Supreme Ruler, Morphies Law, and Auto Age a chance.

This is a good game, also Patrick Stewart as the Narrator.

Cool. I know nothing of this game, but it was a dollar-something for Switch and I like the art style so I picked it up.

Downfall is a really good game, and also really super depressing. It’s a terrifically bleak horror game…but make sure you’re taking your zoloft before you start it.

NES wireless Switch controllers are currently half off, $30 for a pair. Purchase is restricted to Switch Online members.

Fanatical has an ArcSystem Works Mega Bundle for $7.99 which includes:

  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
  • Guilty Gear 2 : Overture
  • Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
  • Guilty Gear Isuka
  • Battle Fantasa : Revised Edition
  • Of Mice and Sand : Revised
  • Double Dragon IV
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
  • Arcana Heart 3 : Love Max
  • Inferno Climber

Fanatical Star Deal today is Sleeping Dogs : Definitive Edition for $2.79 (86%)

Steam is running a Weekend Deal on Remnant : From the Ashes for $27.99 (30%), which appears to be a historic low thus far
They also have Miscreated on sale for $9.99 (50%) but it’s been $7.50 before and likely will again in the coming Holiday Sales
A Daedalic Publisher Sale rounds out the weekend deals. They marked a lot of titles down 50%-75% and even 90% or more.