Bargain Thread 2019


Yeah I noticed the three Modern Warfare games are on sale this week on Xbox … for 15 dollars each. I wouldn’t mind replaying them, but I don’t need them that much.


Plus it’s not officially announced, but they’re coming out with Modern Warfare 2 Remastered sometime soon. I think it was accidentally revealed through ESRB or PEGI or some rating agency.

They become really cheap about 2 years after release, but only the disc version as retailers get rid of excess inventory. I’ve seen them for $5 a couple of years after release at Best Buy on Black Friday, for instance.


Hehe. I had it on my Steam wishlist for ages waiting for a decent price drop, until at some point I realized they had no intention of offering one. Apparently the highest discount was 51% two years ago.


Get GRID 2 with Bathhurst and Spa-Francorchamps Track Pack DLCs for FREE from the Humble Store for a limited time. Nice!

While you’re there, check out the Humble Store’s CryEngine Sale for discounts on War of Rights, Kingdom Come : Deliverance, Hunt Showdown, Sniper : Ghost Warrior 3 and more.

Steam is having a SEGA Publisher Sale for the weekend. Discounts on all the Endless titles, Total War titles, Two Point Hospital, Company of Heroes, etc…and of course discounts on all the DLC for the above.

Also on Steam, to celebrate SXSW they are having a SXSW Gaming Texas Sale.


And Two Point Hospital is having a free weekend to coincide with the sale!


I’ve been replaying the first MW thanks to PS Plus this week. Still holds up. I’d like to play MW2 again…


Fanatical has a new Lore Bundle featuring 5 titles for $3.99.

  • Windward
  • The Gate of Firmament
  • Forward to the Sky
  • Wurm Unlimited
  • Songbringer

Well worth $4 if you don’t own any of these titles. Windward is even more fun co-op.

Star Deal at Fanatical is the Devil May Cry Bundle for $23.99. Features DmC HD Collection (the original DmC trilogy remastered) and DmC 4 Special Edition.

Over at GreenManGaming, grab a green beer and join the St. Paddy’s Day Deals Sale. Up to 75% off lots of titles, and take an additional 13% off the sale price with code LUCKY13. Some examples (with code):

  • Conan Exiles is down to $15.66
  • Frostpunk becomes $15.25
  • Stellaris and its Apocalypse and Utopia DLCs drop to $7.83 each
  • Shadows Awakening becomes $18.78
  • ELEX drops to $15.66


Looks like the Ubisoft store is selling AC Odyssey for $24 (PC) and the Deluxe edition for a couple bucks more. The latter has a drachma boost and and XP boost. Is the latter the permanent 10% one I’ve heard about, or some one time thing, anyone know?


If Odyssey is anything like Origins, you level too fast anyway. The last thing I’d want is artificially faster levels, if anything I’d like to slow it down…


There’s really no particular reason to get the Deluxe Edition. It’s just a bit of in-game tat and a couple boosts. You might consider the Gold Edition, though, which skips that nonsense but includes the season pass, which has not been discounted at any point so far. Unless you’re confident you’ll never want to play the DLC, it appears buying it up front is likely to be the only decently priced option anytime soon.


Yeah, you really do not want to pay extra for an XP boost in Odyssey.


Interesting-- I’d heard people complaining of too much grinding required to level, at least in the first month or two after release.

@malkav11 is the DLC worth it? I’d heard it was meh (in contrast to that available for Origins).


I have no idea, I haven’t played the game. Just pointing out that the Gold Edition is massively discounted and the Season Pass never has been and maybe never will be.


I have not had that experience at all with Odyssey being grindy. But I like doing side quests. Also, since the game mostly levels along with you, there isn’t much point to being higher level except for unlocking more abilities, and the highest levels of the abilities are gated to accomplishing things in game so more xp won’t help with that.


A lot of reviews said the game seemed like it was designed for that 50% XP boost. I only played with the boost, and it seemed perfectly fine. I didn’t outscale the enemies, and I didn’t have to grind.


People who only played the exact linear story progression were saying that. Which is nuts. You can’t play The Witcher 3 story progression that way, either. Honestly, it felt like it was people who wanted to bitch about UBI selling XP bonuses and looking for straw man reasons to complain about it.

There’s so much to do in the game and so much to see that there’s zero reason to buy any XP boosts whatsoever. You’re going to be struggling as it is to keep your gear within arm’s length of your level because the game honestly is so generous with XP requirements/level even into the 30s and 40s.

Most reviews either don’t mention it at all except in passing that it’s available. Very few call it a requirement to enjoyment.


I’m level 38 on AC:O, never had to grind, do the main missions and anything else I fancy and had zero issues. In fact I don’t do the Naval stuff at all either or the message board stuff either.


Yup, otherwise known as “professional game reviewers.” This is the problem with getting your game opinions from people who are paid to play games on a deadline.


Well, even then the only loudly shouted opinion that you needed to grind that I can remember was Ben Kuchera at Polygon. Ben didn’t review Odyssey for Polygon, either. He just wanted to get himself inserted into the conversation, I guess.

And when he made his grind-y comments, there were a lot of folks responding back to him with “What?”


Far Cry New Dawn is $20 at Best Buy this week. Held its price point for all of a month before a discount.