Bargain Thread 2019


Well, I managed to build a three stage Mun lander complete with rover, and I got it there and back again without even using Mechjeb or any other mods (except the parts necessary to build a rover at the time), just the orbit and intercept visualizations provided stock at the time, several years ago, so I think you’re being kind of unfair to it. Respectfully, this may be a case of too much specialization making you unable to see the forest for the trees.

I don’t think I ever watched a single video (I don’t really like them as educational tools), but I did find it necessary (and fun!) to do some homework.


My experience too.

After some practice I could routinely do direct burns to Munar orbit from launch.


I’m not disputing it can be done, I’m saying that (for me) the kind of trial-and-error needed to get there is more frustrating than fun, since it feels artificially imposed by the game interface.


Well, I don’t remember it taking that much trial and error. What would make it work for you? What tools do you want? The orbit and intercept visualizations are obviously huge cheats.

Although is there a KSP thread? We’ve probably hijacked the bargain thread enough.


KSP isn’t Mathmatica. It’s a toy set full of toys that explode. And it will teach you the basics of orbital mechanics along the way. Quite an accomplishment.


I agree with Kolbex and CraigM. I never used MechJeb and I got Kerbals in Duna. For me, the lack of MechJeb is a plus; it forces you to “feel” the game better and learn by doing. I wouldn’t call it necessarily trial and error (at least not in a derogatory way), but it’s far more acessible and fun than something like Orbiter.


No Man’s Sky is $24 at GreenManGaming for the next 24 hours. I believe that equals the cheapest ever price on that title.

You may need to be a VIP to get that price.


So Humble has a new bundle live and…uh, you’ll have to click through to see for yourself.

Fanatical has an Aspyr Pix-A-Mix Bundle live. $12.99 for 3 games/DLC or $19.99 for 5 games/DLC. Choose from franchises including Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Star Wars, Homeworld and more.


The review quotes are fantastic.


I haven’t played Purrfect Date (in the BTA) much yet, but the first half hour was really charming. Thanks again @DarthMasta for your giveaway. I don’t know if it’d be a good idea to buy it with the other stuff in there though …

It’s a visual novel you play as a were-cat who can romance Floofybutt.


That’s actually a pretty solid bundle. I don’t know anything about the pwyw tier, but Ladykiller in a Bind is well regarded from the lady you gave us Analogue and Digital, Purrfect Date is a goof, Devil on G-string is supposed to be really good, as is Clannad.


I just bough the PWYW for the grasshopper game.

Will report back tonight if it’s as good as Paca Plus.


There’s two kinds of gamers in this world: gamers who own weeb games, and gamers who lie about not owning weeb games.


I recognize that some days, a heretofore perfectly normal thread will take a turn into territories I’ve never explored and don’t understand the rules. But I didn’t think it would happen to the bargain thread. Or to put it another way, what the goddamn motherfucking hell are you shitheads talking about?


I have to say, I was gonna say I don’t own any weeb games, but then you got me sweating wondering if there’s anything weird lurking in my gigantic Steam library.

I have, however, read the entirety of ReLife, so it’s not like it would be an enormous stretch.


G-senjou no Maou and Clannad are pretty famous Visual Novels and I did play Clannad a while back…if you like reading love stories I guess this can be a good deal at the $10 and $15 tiers


QT3 is a site where Weeaboos who drive Kias gather in the shared interest of seeking out sales on videogame entertainment products like dating simulations while grumbling about the homework assigned in KSP-101. Also a few of us still have optical and 3.5 inch drives.




I would have used the gif but I couldn’t find it. This time I am copy/pasting for posterity, thank you.


I keep it handy for just such an emergency.