Bargain Thread 2019


Weebundles wobbundle but they don’t fall down.


Every time I see the KIA logo on a car, it makes me think of Killed In Action.


Oh good I’m not alone in this.


I did notice that more recent models of that make have a logo that looks like a K with the vertical stroke removed in an oval. Took 'em a while to figure out that there was a negative association in the states for that name.

Heck yeah. Can’t have all of your data vulnerable to a degausser.


They have extended the free giveaway to March 31 because of technical difficulties. I’ll try to claim my copy today. I hope it includes their expansions, even though I’ll probably never go back to Morrowind again, I like the idea of going back one day.

Edit: Oh nice, it is indeed the GOTY edition of the game, which includes the expansions. I have the original on disc somewhere, including that wonderful map that came with it, but I never did own the expansions. Now I shall own them and never play them.


I don’t think there’s a digital version of Morrowind that isn’t the GOTY.


Vampyr for $18.99

Historical low I believe.


If you don’t mind getting the game on from, you can getRage 2 for $37.49




I do mind…

I VERY much mind. Get outta here with that grey market crap, son.


Well, that was awful. I was going to write an amusing review, but that would probably take more time than they spent writing the game.

If anyone wants something interesting with grasshopper-aliens get Albion instead on GOG.

I’ve got a couple hours free, so I’ll see if the others in the PWYW are any better.


GreenManGaming has Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for $25.80 (UPlay redemption) as the Featured Deal today. You must be logged in as VIP to see the lowest price.

Steam has the fantastic ARPG Grim Dawn as it’s Daily Deal today for only $6.25 (75%), which matches a historic low.

Fanatical has launched Bundle Blast, which is a week-long event where they will be launching new bundles at various intervals. Already launched for the event are:

Skullgirls Complete Bundle for $1.00. Includes Skullgirls and it’s 2nd Encore DLC.

MegaDimension Neptunia VII Complete Bundle is $9.99 and includes the base game and 13 DLC Packs and Characters.

The Undercover Bundle is $2.99 for 10 Steam mystery-themed games including Beholder, The Sexy Brutale, The Invisible Hours and The Last Door Collector’s Edition.

Flatout Complete Bundle is $7.49 and contains 5 titles in the franchise.

Slitherine Pick-A-Mix Bundle offers 1 game for $4.99, 3 for $9.99 or 5 for $12.99 from a selection of the publishers catalog. Some nice titles in the mix, including:

  • Star Hammer : Vanguard Prophecy
  • Pike & Shot : Campaigns
  • Sovereignty : Crown of Kings
  • Qvadriga
  • Alea Jacta Est
  • Advanced Tactics : Gold Edition
  • and more

And of course there is a new Cosmic Mystery Bundle because gambling on mystery keys is cool kids. $1 for a single mystery key, $4.99 for 10, or anywhere in between. Reddit Thread Here containing some initial results, most of which are unappealing.


Then don’t use it Brian, I’m not buying it either but it is because I don’t want the game :-)

cdkeys hasn’t been linked to anything bad like G2A has, like credit card theft. I think they may take advantage of some regional pricing but I’m not sure.


Stellar Monarch down to $9.99 on Steam.

I don’t know enough about the game to vouch one way or the other but I know I’ve had it on my Wishlist for a long time since it looked interesting. Seems like a different take on the 4X genre: minimizes micromanagement and is very menu-driven.

The premise behind the game.
You are the emperor, not a logistics officer. You don’t deal with low level stuff like building farms, factories or individual ships. Instead you focus on the grander scale of things. You grant audiences, make edicts, appoint imperial officials, deal with court factions and assassins, crush rebels, decide on production quotas and priorities.

In the game there is no micromanagement, late game does not drag on forever. You can play a relatively fast paced game on a huge galaxy without late game slow downs. You own hundreds of planets, thousands of ships and all this is managed on the high level by edicts and a hierarchical fleet system. The whole premise was to make the player make only the important and interesting choices leaving everything else abstracted.

Another important feature is the asymmetric nature of the game. The AI plays by different rules, and does not try to win the game. Aliens are more like creatures living in the galaxy than computer controlled players. Sometimes they can be valuable assets worthy of protection and sometimes an obstacle to overcome. Aliens are not created equal, some are primitive beasts that shall be cleansed from the face of the galaxy, some are fellow humanoids inferior to Terrans of course but considered sentient and worthy of compassion.

In short it’s a fast paced turn based space empire builder with no micromanagement, asymmetric mechanics, and focus on you as the emperor.


I wonder what @BrianRubin thinks of Stellar Monarch now.


I’ve enjoyed my time with Stellar Monarch, though Alliance of the Sacred Suns looks like it’ll take the concept further, and is cheaper, but is in early access.


The other two in the bottom of Humble <3 are much better.

Highway Blossoms - Lesbian visual novel, with 18+ DLC in the store. Treasure hunters in the Nevada desert. No choices. Just reading. I don’t know if I’ll go back to this one, but it had the potential to be pretty good from the 20 minutes I played. Lots of voice acting, above average writing. Decent art too. I can’t say I have any other games like it, so this might be a rare gem if someone’s into that.

Just Desert - Another visual novel, with some light combat and life sim activities to build relationships. Above average for the genre. Some voice acting. The girls are mostly all likeable too. I enjoyed some of the first hour. I’ll probably play it more later.


I was interested in Stellar Monarch, but I have a hard time getting past the fact that all of the characters look like this guy to me:



Ha! That is a fair critique. The stellar map is what draws me in, but the people all do look quite dour and stoic. Like if you just stuck a lemon in their mouth and told them not to react or make any facial expression while sucking the lemon.


More Fanatical Bundles are live for Bundle Blast…

The Alliance Bundle makes a return. $1 buys you Chaos Reborn, Rebel Galaxy and Grey Goo : Definitive Edition, but the real value is in the $4.99 full bundle, which adds:

  • Rime
  • Immortal Redneck
  • Hover
  • Ash of Gods : Redemption
  • The Town of Light
  • River City Ransom : Underground
  • Brawlout
  • Heliborne

Heck, $5 for just Ash of Gods : Redemption marks a historic low and fantastic deal on that game alone, toss in RIME, Immortal Redneck and the others…STEAL.

Another great deal is the return of the Fantasy Bundle. Only $2.99 for Steam keys to:

  • Demonicon
  • Blood Knights
  • Heroes of Annihilated Empires
  • Two Worlds GOTY
  • Drakensang
  • Wizardry 6 & 7
  • Lichdom : Battlemage
  • Rune Classic
  • Blades of Time Limited Edition
  • Etherlords 1 & 2
  • Sudeki
  • Numen : Contest of Heroes
  • Inquisitor

Sure they’re all a bit long in the tooth, but Heroes of Annihilated Empires is a fantastic RTS/RPG/card mashup, Etherlords 1 & 2 and Wizardry 6 & 7 are classics and Drakensang, Demonicon and Lichdom are all interesting high-quality RPGs. $3 is ridiculous for everything in this bundle.

The $1 Vault Bundle features 11 indie action games with retro/pixel styling for, uh, $1.00.

The Racing Bundle returns as well, featuring 14 racing-themed games including GT Legends, GTR Evolution, Table Top Racing World Tour, and Vangers…yes, I said Vangers for $2.99.

Load up on blasts from the past with the Tommo Pick-A-Mix Bundle. $1.49 for one, $6.99 for 5 or $9.99 for 10 titles that include classics like Darklands, Covert Action, Colonization, Pirates! : Gold Plus, Sword of the Samurai and many more.

The aptly named Anime Chest Bundle features 9 games and 3 DLC mainly from the “Pretty Girls” and “Koi-Koi Japan” franchises for $3.49.

Steam Weekend Deals are live:

  • Kingdom Come : Deliverance is $29.99 (50%). DLC is also on sale.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online is $9.99 (50%) for the base edition (includes Morrowind Chapter) and FREE to play over the weekend. The Summerset Chapter is also on sale for $11.99 (40%).
  • Darksiders Franchise is on sale. Darksiders III for $29.99 (50%), Darksiders II Deathfinitive Edition for $5.99 (80%) and Darksiders Warmastered Edition for $3.99 (80%).