Bargain Thread 2019


At my store, it was marked on clearance for 24.00, but it was a big sign over six of them, so it’s not like they were hidden finds. It was at the end of the aisle kind of signage.

Now having said that, Wal-Mart clearance items are often hit or miss. For example, there are 6 in the general area around here, a bit of a drive to a couple, and 4 of them have the 24, 2 are at 49.


Cool - thanks for the heads up!


Brickseek should give you the real in-store price though. It’s not often I’ve seen that site post incorrect pricing, at least not for that store.


Oh, wow! I totally missed the fact my ZIP was blank, so it was just showing the online price, lol


Just made a midnight run to the only Walmart in my immediate area that had this at the $24 price. About 45 minutes round trip of driving and 30 minutes talking to two separate clueless associates later and I am reminded why I never ever shop at Walmart.

Never again. (To be forgotten sometime later)

Thanks for posting the deal though, and good luck to anyone else attempting to find the golden egg.


Wow, that AR set is a little janky, but I would still like to try it. I heard that future versions may support multiplayer.


Sorry to hear that. Yeah I never ask wal-mart employees for much. They had Deadpool cover promotion going on there and told me to go to some other store for it… it was a Wal-Mart exclusive…

For anyone else looking, I found them in the electronic section not far from the phnoe accessories and the other AR devices.


I got two! Thanks @Nesrie!

I think I got the last two at the Almaden Walmart in San Jose. At least it was the last two on the shelf. The boxes are freakin’ huge, but it still took me a while to find them. They were, as Nesrie said, in a locked cabinet near the phones.


Brickseek popped up six Walmarts in my area with the AR headset in stock. One had it for $45, the rest for $49.

Hadn’t heard of this thing before, so I watched a video review. Looks kinda interesting, but at $45 I’ll pass. If it was still $200 I would have just laughed; can almost buy a real VR headset for that price.


I didn’t think it went for 200. I thought maybe around 100, and a good price was probably given for that license.

For 24 though, even if it’s not great, it’s probably entertaining enough for awhile and gives someone a chance to sort of dabble with the idea. I believe my sister plans to give them as father’s day presents to two geek/SW fathers’ and probably the third to my nephew. They’re big boxes. Mine were not in the glass case. They had those security locks on them instead, but again my store had 6 whereas a lot of others have only a couple. I’m surprised we even had these. I usually can’t get the clearances at Wal-Mart because the store never carried the item.

If you’re in the market for TVs, might as well check it out there too. They had a ton of them on sale. Apparently 50 inch is the new 32! Make way for 70 and 85!


If you missed it recently during the Bundle Blast, Fanatical has relaunched the New World Bundle. $1.99 for Steam keys to 13 casual time management strategy games including titles in the Northern Tale, Viking Saga, and Roads of Rome series’.

GreenManGaming Spring Sale has Warner Brothers titles on sale for an extra 25% off with code WB25 today only. Hitman, Shadow of War, Batman titles, LEGO titles and others anywhere from 30% to 75% off before the extra discount.

Humble has a new Board Game Bundle. Many of the same titles we’ve already seen, but Scythe is in the top ($12) tier, which is a 40% discount on just that title.

$1 Tier:

  • Ticket To Ride : First Journey
  • Gloom : Digital Edition
  • Love Letter
  • Twilight Struggle

BTA ($6) and receive:

  • Pandemic
  • Carcassonne : Tiles and Tactics
  • Carcassonne : Inns and Cathedrals
  • Ascension
  • Mysterium
  • Mysterium : Hidden Signs DLC
  • Mysterium : Secrets and Lies DLC

Pay $12 and unlock:

  • Scythe : Digital Edition
  • Pathfinder Adventures : Obsidian Edition

Warning on Scythe. It’s fine for playing solo against the AI, but the online multiplayer (especially async) doesn’t work well, and it doesn’t seem very high priority for the devs to fix it.


Are you saying Scythe drops MP a lot?


Not so much drops. But there are a lot of issues. Undo doesn’t work in multiplayer, so any misclick can be devastating. There is a turn log… but it gets cleared if you log out and log back in so it generally is impossible to know what other players did on their turn. Turn notifications (email) don’t always work. You have to have everybody online in the lobby at the same time to start a game…


Aaw man. That’s a bummer. Thank you for sharing. I have nearly all the other games. Scythe would be the primary reason for me to do this bundle.


It was pointed out to me on another forum that this code can be used (today only) to bring the price of Hitman 2 Gold (contains Hitman 2 and 2 additional location DLCs) and the just released Mortal Kombat 11 down to $45 each, pretty much a historic low for both titles.


Managed to snag a Jedi Challenges set. Had to go in late to work today. Saw that there were two on Brickseek. In the past that has always meant none. Went back to electronices and foun the empty shelf space with the $24 sticker. Wasn’t too dissapointed because I figured I wouldn’t find one anyway. Was walking out and spotted one sitting on a clearance cart!


It’s still well worth it for the single player game.


If you have any interest in a semi-subversive open-world light survival game based on Henry David Thoreau (and you should), you should head here and get Walden for $3–along with some other probably mediocre junk.


But, but… six of them have cheevos!