Bargain Thread 2019


Not so much drops. But there are a lot of issues. Undo doesn’t work in multiplayer, so any misclick can be devastating. There is a turn log… but it gets cleared if you log out and log back in so it generally is impossible to know what other players did on their turn. Turn notifications (email) don’t always work. You have to have everybody online in the lobby at the same time to start a game…


Aaw man. That’s a bummer. Thank you for sharing. I have nearly all the other games. Scythe would be the primary reason for me to do this bundle.


It was pointed out to me on another forum that this code can be used (today only) to bring the price of Hitman 2 Gold (contains Hitman 2 and 2 additional location DLCs) and the just released Mortal Kombat 11 down to $45 each, pretty much a historic low for both titles.


Managed to snag a Jedi Challenges set. Had to go in late to work today. Saw that there were two on Brickseek. In the past that has always meant none. Went back to electronices and foun the empty shelf space with the $24 sticker. Wasn’t too dissapointed because I figured I wouldn’t find one anyway. Was walking out and spotted one sitting on a clearance cart!


It’s still well worth it for the single player game.


If you have any interest in a semi-subversive open-world light survival game based on Henry David Thoreau (and you should), you should head here and get Walden for $3–along with some other probably mediocre junk.


But, but… six of them have cheevos!


Thanks for highlighting that. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Walden (the game) before now.


Is this an FPS or TPS? How does it compare to Fortnite?


I remember you telling us about Walden before. Thanks for the heads up! Bought.


Bunch of boardgames on sale on Amazon today. A few notable inclusions: Dice Throne Season 1 (I love this game), Arkham Horror 3rd Edition, the Modiphius Star Trek roleplaying game.


It’s like Fortnite, but you go on fetch quests find Ralph Waldo Emerson’s copy of The Odyssey.


I see a lot of PC games for sale here (which is absolutely great, don’t get me wrong), but are there decent sites that have console (PS4 for me) games that are on sale - particularly through Playstation Store or other digital download?

I’d like to be able to price watch for some things, rather than have to constantly check the Playstation Store’s somewhat terrible front end.

#811 looks decent (I haven’t used it yet, but I’m in the same boat that you are in terms of keeping an eye on discounted PS4 games.)

Some of my friends really like PS Plus and PS Now, FWIW.


The GameDeals subreddit has an option to filter for only Console titles:

I use a combination of there, the PS4 subreddit, and the CAG Twitter feed (better for Physical/in-store in my experience) to augment what’s posted here.


The regular deal sites post game sales all the time, digital and physical for console and PC. PSN is included.


The PSN blog search can generate an RSS feed. I use this URL to catch the articles that say “sale” on the US store:

I also set a rule in my RSS reader to delete the PSN blog articles that don’t have “sale” in the title.


New Exile Bundle at Fanatical. $4.99 for 10 Steam games including:

  • Project Highrise
  • Anima : Gate of Memories
  • Narcosis
  • SEUM : Speedrunners from Hell
  • Old Man’s Journey
  • The Spatials
  • The Low Road
  • GIBZ
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II : Jedi Outcast

The Fanatical Star Deal is Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator + DLC Characters + REV 2 All-In-One for $13.49 (70%). I have no idea what that all means or if it’s a good deal.


Fantastic fighting game for a pretty sweet price. Yes, it’s a good deal alright.


Very tempting. Do we have a general thread for sparring partners? I’ve been unsuccessful evangelizing my friends to fighting games, especially since my favourites (Guilty Gear and King of Fighters) have brick walls for difficulty curves. I’ve had some success using Garou as the gateway drug, though.