Bargain Thread 2019


Thanks for that!


Thanks! The demo didn’t wow me when it came out, but I’m curious if there’s any fun to be had there now…


GMG has a birthday sale going on for the next 10 days. With new flash deals every 2 days.


Tower of Time is’s daily deal for $7.49 (70% off), matching its historical low seen on GOG. This is the first time, though, it’s been this low for a Steam key.


Not sure if everyone is getting this but they also gave me a one time $10 voucher off any game so along with the current sale discount, I picked up Hades for $7. I heart epic games store!


Amazing price for a great game.


It’s better than that, it’s $10 off any purchase of $15 or more, not one time. It’s rolled into the sale prices if applicable, but I used it twice to buy Jackbox Party Pack 2 and 3 for $6.74 each.


Speaking of the Jackbox games, are any of them kid friendly? I got 1 for free from Epic, it’s cool that you can play using your phones, but half way into our first game we realized it might not be best to play with our kids. It’s too bad their isn’t a “kid friendly” option that turns off the more adult oriented questions.


Don’t know if it was on the first Jackbox but the rest have family friendly options (when applicable- not all games need it). It’s in the individual game settings.


That is the game that I find tempting. I haven’t been following it at all.


It’s only exclusive to Epic for early access, so unless you like following games through that period you might as well wait.


Unless you want it, it’s unlikely to be $7 or less on steam for a very long time.


I think the odds are better than you think. That or bundled. But even if you’re right, I have seen a number of games go up in price during early access and have never regretted waiting for them to be finished.


That was kinda my thinking. I’m not sure how much I would play it in EA. Like @malkav11 says though to, it will eventually get cheaper. Decisions, decisons


That is the most tempting thing in the bargain thread lately. I’ve been waiting for this to get cheap. Why do I have a feeling that if I get this now it will be in next month’s humble monthly :-)


Fanatical May Sale Flash Deals today are:

  • Redout Complete Pack - $15.25 with code
  • Observer - $8.09 with code
  • Surviving Mars - $8.90 with code (historic low)
  • Anomaly Bundle - $0.90 with code (all 5 Anomaly titles)

As mentioned above, GreenManGaming is having a Birthday Sale.

If you purchase Surviving Mars from them for $10.20, you can choose one of three DLC (Stellaris Dome, Colony Design or MarsVision Song Contest) for FREE.

If you purchase Dying Light : The Following - Enhanced Edition for $15.30, you can choose one of six DLC for FREE.

Their Day One Flash Deals include:

  • Monster Hunter World - $30.09
  • Resident Evil 2 - $30.09
  • Resident Evil : Biohazard - $12.00
  • PC Building Simulator - $11.47
  • Dragon’s Dogma : Dark Arisen - $7.92

Humble Store is giving away Guacamelee! : Super Turbo Championship Edition for FREE.
They also have Guacamelee! 2 for $7.99 (60%).

Steam has the Games Workshop Skulls for the Skull Throne Sale happening. Up to 80% off Warhammer themed games.

Steam is also having a Bohemia Interactive Publisher’s Sale with up to 80% off their titles.

And because good things come in threes, Steam is also having a Post-Apocalyptic Weekend Sale. Up to 80% off of dozens of games with a post-apocalyptic theme. You don’t have the caps to buy them all, stranger.

As mentioned above, Stories Untold is FREE on the Epic Store through May 30th. RIME will also be a giveaway starting on May 23rd.

Between the sale and the $10 credit applied to anything over $15, there are a few really attractive deals:


Missed one mentioned above also! STEEP!



I JUST bought it! I mean, I only paid $2, so maybe not a big deal. Plus I’m quite enjoying it.


Checked: not the new DLC, of course.