Bargain Thread 2019


That was kinda my thinking. I’m not sure how much I would play it in EA. Like @malkav11 says though to, it will eventually get cheaper. Decisions, decisons


That is the most tempting thing in the bargain thread lately. I’ve been waiting for this to get cheap. Why do I have a feeling that if I get this now it will be in next month’s humble monthly :-)


Fanatical May Sale Flash Deals today are:

  • Redout Complete Pack - $15.25 with code
  • Observer - $8.09 with code
  • Surviving Mars - $8.90 with code (historic low)
  • Anomaly Bundle - $0.90 with code (all 5 Anomaly titles)

As mentioned above, GreenManGaming is having a Birthday Sale.

If you purchase Surviving Mars from them for $10.20, you can choose one of three DLC (Stellaris Dome, Colony Design or MarsVision Song Contest) for FREE.

If you purchase Dying Light : The Following - Enhanced Edition for $15.30, you can choose one of six DLC for FREE.

Their Day One Flash Deals include:

  • Monster Hunter World - $30.09
  • Resident Evil 2 - $30.09
  • Resident Evil : Biohazard - $12.00
  • PC Building Simulator - $11.47
  • Dragon’s Dogma : Dark Arisen - $7.92

Humble Store is giving away Guacamelee! : Super Turbo Championship Edition for FREE.
They also have Guacamelee! 2 for $7.99 (60%).

Steam has the Games Workshop Skulls for the Skull Throne Sale happening. Up to 80% off Warhammer themed games.

Steam is also having a Bohemia Interactive Publisher’s Sale with up to 80% off their titles.

And because good things come in threes, Steam is also having a Post-Apocalyptic Weekend Sale. Up to 80% off of dozens of games with a post-apocalyptic theme. You don’t have the caps to buy them all, stranger.

As mentioned above, Stories Untold is FREE on the Epic Store through May 30th. RIME will also be a giveaway starting on May 23rd.

Between the sale and the $10 credit applied to anything over $15, there are a few really attractive deals:


Missed one mentioned above also! STEEP!



I JUST bought it! I mean, I only paid $2, so maybe not a big deal. Plus I’m quite enjoying it.


Checked: not the new DLC, of course.




Satisfactory for $19.95… tempting


Today’s Fanatical Flash Deals are up:

  • Conan Exiles - $17.27 with code (close to a historic low)
  • My Time In Portia - $19.97 with code (Cheaper on Epic Store, where it is currently $13.99)
  • Overcooked! 2 - $14.62 with code (Cheaper at GMG where it is currently $13.64 (a historic low) in the birthday sale.
  • Battle Academy - $0.90

Fanatical also has Bayonetta as the Star Deal this weekend for $4.39 (78%)

The just launched Indie Favorites Bundle is $2.49 and contains:

  • The Flame in the Flood
  • Iron Fisticle
  • Hue
  • 10 Second Ninja X
  • Stealth Bastard Deluxe
  • Stealth Inc. 2 : Game of Clones
  • Jump Stars

If you don’t already own them, the Stealth games and Flame in the Flood are totally worth a measly $2.50 all by themselves, and several others in the bundle are decent indies.

Epic Store has Telltale’s Walking Dead : Final Season for a ridiculous $4.99 with their discounts.

GreenManGaming Birthday Sale Day Two Deals are up. They include:

  • Frostpunk - $13.50 (a historic low)
  • Moonlighter - $9.02
  • Kingdom Come : Deliverance - $19.19 (also a historic low)
  • The aforementioned Overcooked! 2 - $13.64 and Overcooked! - $3.40
  • ARK : Survival Evolved - $15.00

If you’re looking for a casual game bundle for the weekend, IndieGala has the Cursed Kingdom Bundle for $2.99. It includes:

  • The Far Kingdoms : Age of Solitaire
  • Summer Rush
  • Luxor Solitaire
  • Tales of Sorrow : Strawsbrough Town
  • Epic Adventures : Cursed Onboard
  • The Far Kingdoms : Awakening Solitaire
  • The Voice from Heaven
  • Amanda’s Sticker Book 2 : Amazing Wildlife
  • Mundos : Impossible Universe

Meanwhile, Steam has War for the Overworld at a historic low $4.79 (84%). Get the Ultimate Edition, with all DLC, for $19.75. Note, Ultimate is a magic Steam Bundle, which means the price drops if you already own some of the pieces, making it a great way to grab the DLC you may be missing.

Steam is also having a Dungeons & Dragons Sale featuring:

  • Baldur’s Gate EE, Baldur;s Gate 2 EE, Icewind Dale EE and Planescape Torment EE all for $4.99 (75%) each.
  • Lords of Waterdeep - $7.49 (50%)
  • NeverWinter Nights EE - $3.99 (80%) or get the full Deluxe Bundle for $11.36 (80%)
  • Tales from Candlekeep : Tomb of Annihilation - $3.99 (75%)

GMG has the Shadow of War expansion pass for a bit under 12 bucks right now (regularly 30).


I saw the episode of Brain Games the other day where they say most people would rather save 5 bucks on a 20$ purchase than on a 100$ purchase. And yet… it’s the same five bucks!

I feels this applies to games also in a way. I’m amazed my thinking sometimes goes like this:

  • On Steam: I’m not buying nothin’ till it’s 50% off, eh maybe 80% off, ah screw it, give it to me for free you cheapskates!

  • At the grocery store: Honey, the frozen pizzas are fifty cents off! That’s like a whole 10% off! They put a red price tag and everything. We need to stock up NOW. Get those other fuckers away from the freezer, they’re OUR pizzas!


That’s…not how economics works.


Well, uh, yeah, that’s the point. Context can skew a person’s perception of money even when it shouldn’t.


It’s not skewed. Saving five dollars on $20 purchase is preferable to saving five dollars on a $100 purchase.

For one thing, prices fluctuate. You might expect in the future to save $10 on $100 purchase, but not expect in the future to save $10 on a $20 purchase. If so, saving $5 on a $20 purchase might be worthwhile, but saving $5 on a $100 purchase might not be worthwhile. And something worthwhile is better than something that is not worthwhile.


God, my Cognitive Psych professor used to give the example that people would drive across town to save 5 dollars one Pizza, but we wouldn’t do it to save 5 dollars on a car.


Not to mention that in order for the thesis of “$5 is $5 LOL” to be true, you have to first imply that for all consumers in your sample that a $20 price point on an elective purchase carries the same “pain point” that a $100 elective purchase does. Which isn’t the case in a standard economy.


Which explains why he was a cog-psych professor and not a microeconomics professor.


Sure. Some one has to do actual science and research.

Anyway, my understanding of Economics is pretty limited to the stuff talked about in Behavior Economics, and although it influenced my research and thesis, I can’t say I’m any expert on it. I just know that every store in the entire world knows that 50% off of a 100.00 dollar shirt is always more attractive than a 50 dollar shirt.


A shirt that usually sells for $100 can reasonably be expected to have more inherent value (quality materials, being more in line with fashion trends, whatever) than a shirt that usually sells for $50, or they wouldn’t be able to successfully sell it for $100. It’s certainly true that unethical businesspeople, knowing this, could put tags on a $50 shirt that pretend it usually sells for $100, but that doesn’t make it dumb for people to think that way.


I think you guys might be overthinking this…

Look, I don’t know what your microeconomics professor told you, but my first grade math teacher told me that 5 is 5. So there!