Bargain Thread 2019


Thanks! That worked for me too, even though the current $1 offer doesn’t work for me (probably because I took the $1 offer back in January).


If you buy this now, do you need to activate it now?


All I can see on the site is Xbox, no PC. So if you get this for your account will you have access to the PC games on your PC as well as the Xbox games on the Xbox? MS’s site has always been confusing to me in this regard.


Yep, it’s called Xbox Game Pass but since the games are Play Anywhere you’ll have access. I took advantage of the $1 trial a few months back to play Forza Horizon 4 on PC when it launched.


Yeah, it’s not a code. You’ll also have to cancel on the site to avoid future membership fees.

Walmart USA is clearing out their Playstation Classics for 40$.


That’s cheap enough for me to grab one. Thanks!


Just Cause 4, 60% off @ GMG.

All editions.


Wow, so soon.


Just Cause always goes on sale fast. This one may be a little faster, but it’s been fairly consistent.



(pause for laughter)


Cold Waters is 50% off on Steam for a couple of days ($19.99).

I’ve had it on my wishlist for a long time. I remember early on it had a lot of fanfare, but then some mixed reviews.

Is it a must have for military sim types?


I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it had mid-mission saving. Alas…


Nice bundle from for $10. Minit is a at least notable.


Milkmaid of the Milky Way was a pretty fun game, very short.
Tom enjoyed collecting stars in Simmiland during a recent stream.


Fanatical has resurrected it’s Tabletop Bundle for a limited time.

  • $1.00 for Steam keys to SmallWorld 2, Mysterium and Abalone
  • $4.99 adds Pandemic, Talisman : Digital Edition and Splendor
  • $9.99 unlocks Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride

They also have the classic Elven Legacy Complete for only $1.00. One of my personal favorite turn-based strategy titles.

Wasn’t someone just saying how Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 would end up in a Humble Bundle? Guess what?!

  • $1.00 for Cook, Serve, Delicious and Black Hole
  • BTA ($8.35) for Cook, Serve, Delicious 2, Kingsway, Kuso and Solstice
  • $12 unlocks Alone with You, Rivals of Aether, Crashlands, 12 Is Better Than 6, Soft Body, Don’t Sink and Way of the Passive Fist

Steam has Midweek Deals that include:


So bad, it’s good!


Pretty sure it was Overcooked 2 they were talking about?


Ah man, you may be right. My bad, too many cooking games! (is something I never thought I would be typing out)


Paradox is having a 7 Year Anniversary Crusader Kings II Sale. Nearly all DLC is priced at 75% off.


New Cryptic Bundle for $1.00 at Fanatical. Contains 12 Hidden Object/Match/Casual games

Civilization VI : Gathering Storm is out today, and GreenManGaming has the lowest launch price at $31.19 (22%). They also have a bunch of Civ VI DLC packs on sale for as low as $2.74 as well.

Valentine’s Day Sale at Humble Store contains all the disturbing anime games you could want, plus a few other very good indie titles for decent discounts.