Bargain Thread 2019


I’ve only ever experienced FotNS through the 2-hour recension of the anime they called a “movie,” with the sublimely terrible English dub. It’s an essential memory from my childhood. I might propose it for the movie club someday.


Aw man, now I want to catch up on all the awesome Japanese animation from my childhood. What was the one with the team of heroes who wore costumes kind of like birds, and they flew around on a super cool blue ship? I loved that. Oh and Robotech! I used to get up at like 6am in Sundays to watch that.


Battle of the Planets?


That’s it! Man I haven’t thought about that in forever.

Oh hey in bargain news, apparently I just got an email from Humble offering $5 off a purchase of a Nintendo game? I didn’t know Humble even sold Nintendo games.


Around 40 Switch and 3DS games as well as Switch Online memberships are now available through the Humble Store in the US only. Prices appear to be in line with normal retail at launch, but who knows what sort of sales or bundles they might roll out. Probably worth keeping an eye on for Switch owners.

Fanatical’s Staff Picks 2018 Bundle ends soon. 24 titles to choose from, $1 for one, $2.49 for three or $3.49 for five. Plenty of decent stuff in the mix. I recommend:

  • Rebel Galaxy
  • The Sexy Brutale
  • Savage Lands
  • The Signal from Tolva
  • Space Hulk : Ascension
  • Grey Goo : Definitive Edition
  • Forward to the Sky
  • Super Cloudbuilt

Any 5 of those is going to be well worth $3.49.

Fanatical has also brought back the Leisure Suit Larry Bundle for $1.99. Contains all 7 LSL games.

Steam claims to have 650 Weeklong Deals happening, but not all of them are currently showing a discount in the system, so you may want to wait a while for the hamsters to spin the wheels a bit more.


That explains the $5 humble store Nintendo credit I just received to spend on any Nintendo game.


I used the coupon to pick up a year of online for $16 with tax.


A video game protagonist I can finally relate to.

Larry Laffer is a short, tacky, balding, forty-year-old man who has been living with his mother until recently. He used to be in the software business, but decided to leave everything behind as he moved to the city of Lost Wages in pursuit of sexual fulfillment. Clad in a white polyester leisure suit, Larry finds himself outside of Lefty’s Bar, determined to finally lose his virginity - or commit suicide if he is unable to achieve that goal before dawn.


That’s incorrect information. ;)
A new Larry game was released a couple of months ago. Word of mouth is that it’s pretty decent.


Wow! I had no idea.


Also there was a remake of the first game, and two we don’t talk about and which I don’t think are actually purchasable digitally at this point.


I was unaware of that bit of lore.

That’s pretty dark, yo.


You may be interested in this old Wii game…maybe it’s still in a bargain bin somewhere?


Likely not bargain priced. It’s a little bit rare for a Wii release and I think it will continue to go up over time.

It’s a great game. Definitely a forgotten gem.


Very nice pairing for the Star Deal on Fanatical today, get Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition + Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition for only $4.99 combined. Act fast though, as they are going quickly.

Fanatical also has a great deal on the Axis Game Factory Complete Bundle at only $2.49. I assume a soon to be released new version of Unity and/or AGFPRO is what is triggering this deal, but still, that’s pocket change for everything you need to try your hand at creating your own games.

Steam has Midweek Madness deals on:

  • ELEX for $19.99 (60%)
  • The Dungeons Franchise including a bundle of all 3 games plus all DLC for around $40. (Note : It’s a Steam Magic bundle, so you only pay for what you don’t already own, and you still get the extra discount. Nice way to finish off your DLC collection.)
  • Hand of Fate 2 for $20.09 (30%)
  • Niffelheim for $9.99 (50%)

Just a reminder as well to swing over to Twitch Prime where the FREE games this month are Hyper Light Drifter, Bomber Crew (plus DLC), Orwell Season 1 & 2, and Republique.


Humble Store Winter Sale has begun. Didn’t we just do this? Anyway, tons of deals, with an extra 10% off if your Humble Monthly sub is active. Some highlights (discount active):

  • Grim Dawn - $7.86
  • Darkest Dungeon - $6.74
  • Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY - $19.99
  • Dusk - $16.20
  • Monster Hunter World - $35.63
  • Kingdom Come : Deliverance - $26.99
  • Kerbal Space Program - $14.39
  • Civ VI : Rise and Fall - $17.54

Humble also has A Story About My Uncle FREE for a limited time.

Speaking of FREE, What Remains of Edith Finch is the latest freebie on the Epic Store. Next up will be the Jackbox Party Pack on Jan. 24th.

Today’s deal on Steam is the Sonic Franchise. 75% off most of the titles in the franchise, 85% off Sonic Adventure DX.
Weekend Deals on Steam include:

  • Raft for $15.99 (20%)
  • Celeste for $14.99 (25%)
  • and if you enjoy Frisbee and/or TRON, you might like Disc Jam which is free to play all weekend and $5.99 (60%) if you decide to buy.


Nice, thanks for the heads up. Was curious about this one (but not enough to buy it, obviously). Wonder how long they’ll keep this sort of thing up. It’s great for people like me who don’t even pretend to try to keep up with the hotness these days.


Sweet. I always wanted to try out those games.

It’s not ideal that it’s on PC though. Since they’re party games. Who huddles around a PC at Thanksgiving, for instance?


Only one player uses the PC, and others visit a hyperlink generated by the game on their own devices (laptop, phone, tablet, whatever) to join the game.


As long as your PC can be seen and heard by the people playing, the PC version works great. My steamlink is more-or-less dedicated jackbox hardware