Bargain Thread 2020

I just didn’t get that game. I think I tried it way back when and it seemed a bit arbitrary. It felt like I had to take notes to keep track of the arbitrary relationships. I don’t even recall what they were - something like you need so many bushes to convert it to something else, and various types of plants and fruits. Sorry if I’m not describing it right, it’s been a while.

That looks super similar to Summer in Mara.

Kill Team was a lot of fun on the PS3. Basically it was a giant total conversion mod of Dawn of War 2.

The assets looked so good in Dawn of War 2 that they built another game out of it, basically. If you like the sights and sounds of 2, you just get more of that in Kill Team.

I almost bought Summer in Mara as part of my endless quest to find another My Time at Portia, but the reviews seemed to indicate it wasn’t all the way baked yet. Have you played it?

I also was scared away by the initial reviews. I tried My Time at Portia but was super turned off by the first 20 minutes of it and bounced. I guess I need to give it another shot.

If you find one, let me know. I loved My Time at Portia, and haven’t found a game yet that quite captures the magic.

Torchlight 2 is the current free game at the Epic Games Store, yours to keep if you get it during the free week timeframe.

I have no idea what Record of Agarest War : Marriage - Deluxe Bundle is relative to the rest of the Record of Agarest War franchise, but it’s the Star Deal at Fanatical today for $2.99 (85%)

Also live at Fanatical, the Reaper Bundle 4 for $4.99. Titles included are:

  • Kingdom Under Fire II - Basic Edition
  • The Technomancer
  • The Textorcist : The Story of Ray Bibbia
  • Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2
  • Beholder 2
  • Redout Enhanced Edition
  • Rain World
  • Do Not Feed The Monkeys
  • Shadwen
  • Syndrome

That is not a bad deal at all for $5

Also at Fanatical : Deus Ex : Human Revolution - Director’s Cut is only $2.79 (86%)

GreenManGaming has started their Summer Sale featuring new deals each day. They’ve also changed their loyalty program to a tiered system, with better deals/incentives for customers who have spent more in the store over the past year. I am not a fan of such programs, but it could be to your advantage if you made a couple of big purchases in the past few months.

The Humble Store has put all of the Railway Empire DLC on sale. Up to 70% off for Humble Choice subscribers, and a good way to complete your collection if you just picked up the game in the latest Choice bundle.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a free weekend on Uplay and $15 sale. I like this game a lot, worth trying if you don’t mind the Ubigame map cleaning formula. I played previous the free weekend after the patch that let you disable the gun-leveling loot system (which I did), and then bought. It’s kinda halfway between Wildlands and MGSV. The install is ~62GB.

Plus they’ve added the AI companions in :)

Are there AI dudes in Wildlands as well?

Yes. 3 bots plus you.

Thanks for the heads up!
I just played the intro. Not really happy with the visuals yet (very “blurry” looking landscape - even though I’m on ultra / 1440p / no motion blur settings).

And for everyone else: FYI that “free weekend” appears to only be “free 6 hours” during this weekend…

Pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 for $50 on Amazon, $10 off. This is a physical copy guaranteed to be delivered on Nov 19th. The PC version activates on GOG.

Note the $10 Epic coupons expire on Oct 31 and don’t work on preorders, so you can’t save $10 that way.

If by physical copy you mean a clam shell with a digital code inside.

Yeah it seems kinda silly. I’d rather Amazon just email me my code, so I can enter it into GoG early and get my pre-load game on.

I’d be all over it if it had a USB drive with the game on it. Otherwise yeah I don’t see a point. A soundtrack CD when I can’t remember the last time I listened to an actual CD and would just end up ripping it anyway.

But that $10 off Epic coupon would work nicely in a few weeks when Horizon Zero Dawn releases. Especially good for those who don’t have a Playstation and never experienced it, like me.

It also comes with a soundtrack CD, an little booklet, postcards, and stickers. And you’re saving ten dollars on a game unlikely to be discounted for awhile.

Yes, the Epic coupon will work until the end of October.

So why does mine say No Eligible Coupons? Hmm.