Bargain Thread 2020

I also care and am proud of you for not only finding such a great deal but having the wisdom, empathy, and charity to share it with the community. You are loved, Becoming. I love you.

That’s a good point that I own a 4K Bluray player now. I never had an Xbox One S, I had the original Xbox and PS4, so I only had Bluray not 4K Blu Ray. And Into the Spiderverse would be a great showcase actually.

It just feels silly to get a 4K Bluray when I don’t have a 4K screen yet. Though that didn’t stop me from owning CDs long before I got a CD player. Or a Matrix DVD long before I got a DVD player. Or a Ghostbusters Bluray long before I got a bluray player. So maybe.

Thanks man.

On a related note, if anyone knows of any other deals on “worthy” 4k Blu-ray titles please share.

I bought my TV last year, but didn’t feel like a standalone 4k player was worth the price, but the extra $100 for the PS5 disc version seemed worth it for several reasons.

I would say The Revenant or Mad Max Fury Road.

Oh damn, I didn’t think of Fury Road but I imagine it would look amazing. Good call.

Fire Emblem Three Houses digital is 29.99 on Amazon,
and the same price for physical at Gamestop. So tempting…

It shows as 39.99 for me.

Same, but it is $30 at GameStop, and I caved.

Noooo, I overpaid by $5 a week ago!

Now it shows 39.99 for me too. I shouldn’t have waited!

I do see it for $30 at GameStop, and also see Yoshi’s Crafted World for $30 as well

Not putting Godfall on the Black Friday deals seems like a big miss to me. I’m interested in trying it out but not at full price.

It’s a brand new game, that isn’t gonna happen.

Based on the reviews Godfall will probably be dropping in price soon enough.

It’ll be nice and cheap by the time I’m able to actually find a PS5!

Board game: Pandemic $17.49

I already have the game so it’s going into a donate bin, hopefully Toys for Tots if they ever give us locations on where we can drop them off this year.

Probably not a game appropriate for tots.

Just in case you are a teeny-tiny bit curious, Toys for Tots national supports up to age 12. Local groups might even go beyond that.

Uhh it launched the same day as other PS5 games like Legion and they are on sale. It’s also for sale on PC already at Humble.