Bargain Thread 2020

My experience is no they have not improved. I had their Man of War headset that I replaced in under a year. It has been a few years though.

I’ve got a half dozen Razer products without a fail. YMMV.

I was looking at that bundle the other day but I rather have the Hyperx or Steelseries keyboard.

This person thinks it is a great deal.

Amazon price for the headset: $100
Mouse: $50
Keyboard…not sure exactly which listing is included but in the $70-100 range.
Mousepad, $10

So, yeah, we’re talking $100-ish savings, maybe more. Assuming you want everything in the bundle.

Yep, keeping in mind it’s not the top end enthusiast gear, but that’s ok. It’s a nice mainstream bundle.

Speaking of Razer, I still think their Deathadder is the best mouse out there (for me), but do have to concede that one of them did develop the double click bug and needed to get replaced 3 years ago, but the new one is still going strong.

And my Razer keyboard has been working tirelessly for 10 years now and no issues. So, as Kadath said, YMMV.

the wired is a necessity for esports. You don’t want wireless controllers with a bunch of consoles in close proximity. Just about every fighting game tournament last gen had games ruined due to other controllers desynching controllers being used in tournament matches.

The PS5 has an option to disable Bluetooth entirely due to this (and the PS5 also looks like it lowered controller lag heavily so far, so it’s looking like a good esports console this time)

I can also say the quality of Razer’s arcade sticks improved heavily last gen. It’s what I use.
I thought they were good last gen but had a design flaw with the cord, that has been fixed.

Anecdata: I bought my razer mouse in 2015 and it was still going strong despite heavy daily use for work and play.

Only replaced last week since the rubber strips on the sides and wheel had become smooth, and the deathadder V2 was half price at that time.

Chalk me up as another Razer keyboard and mouse user for over a dozen years. Never had to replace the keyboard over all of that time, and I’m on only my second mouse over that span as well and I’m a heavy gamer who presses down pretty firmly when typing/clicking. In fact, I bought a DeathAdder mouse recently when they were $20 on an Amazon sale ($50 retail) just to have around as a backup in case something does happen or they stop making them, as I’ve grown so used to them over the years that everything else feels weird in my hand.

That All-Star set is a really nice deal for the home gamer. You’d pay close to $200 for each of those pieces separately even if you found most of them on sale, so $120 is a bargain. None of the pieces are the top-of-the-line e-sports models from Razer, but all are good quality mid-range models with plenty of positive reviews.

Is the double click issue widespread? I think one of mine may have this!

I just got the double-click issue in a Logitech mouse I’ve been using. Depends on the quality of the micro-switch used but failing is not uncommon.

I just googled it. Thought it was unique to me. Boy was I wrong.

Nope. I have dozens of Logitech peripherals from the very first MouseMan and the G502 has developed the defective double-click for me twice now.

Way of the Samurai 3 & 4 are on sale at GOG for $3 and $3.74, respectively. I keep telling myself not to pick up games I’m not going to play right now, but I loved the first one way back when, so I grabbed these and ISOs of the first two and will do playthroughs at some point during the coming year (so I tell myself).

I’ve had it happen twice with Logitech mice. Logitech support is great and replacing them was very easy.

You can also fix them with a new switch and a bit of soldering.

Logitech support for me has been … okay. Replies have been fairly slow and now the replacement mouse is delayed because it’s out of stock.

I ordered new switches on Amazon and will try to replace the bad one once the switch arrives.

My experience with two Naga mice in a row was that they would start having the well-documented double-click issue after a year or so. There was not a third purchase.

I’m about three years into my current Deathadder Elite with no double click issue(yet, I know it will happen eventually). Though I do have two spares in a drawer I got last year in an amazon sale.

I had luck with contacting Corsair about 1.5 years ago with my keyboard. I wish I liked their headset more but the iCue issues left me disappointed and in search of what I have now.

I’ve used Razer, Steelseries, Logitech, Wolfking, Corsair and Microsoft. I have a Razer Wolverine sitting on top of my case right now. I am exceedingly picky with headsets, and I don’t like my mice just up and failing on me. I don’t have a Razer mouse or headset that I use… anymore; I have had both.

I had a corsair K70 with repeating keys a couple of months ago, RMA’d it for a replacement no problem. They did a cross-ship, where you buy a new keyboard and then get refunded when they receive the return.