Bargain Thread 2020

Android - 75% off Monster Hunter Stories

What the heck, is this like Monster Hunter Pokemon?

I think that it actually is. It was a fairly popular title on the 3DS.

Yup! Not super complicated, but there’s a lot to do, especially if you’re completionist. I really like monster games, and I had a really good time with it on the 3DS.

YESSSS I’ve been hoping to catch a sale on Monster Hunter Stories since I got the Monster Hunter bug over a year ago! And this is the cheapest price yet! Note to temper my extreme excitement that they have announced that Monster Hunter Stories 2 will release next year, so it’s not completely unexpected.

Is it playable on a phone? Or do you really need a larger screen?

I haven’t played the phone version, but originally it was on the 3DS, so I’d imagine it’d work fine unless you have a particularly small phone?

Heads up: the “Super Deluxe Edition” of Dirt Rally 2 is going for under 10 bucks on GMG for what I assume is the Steam version. If you want to pick up the Year One DLC for cheap because you have the base game I think buying this would work, no?

Is it better than the bundle that is being offered by Humble Bundle?

Yes, the Super Deluxe Edition of DiRT Rally 2.0 is better than that Humble Codemasters Racing Rebundle.

Different topic:

NuMOO is on sale for $10 in the steam sale.
Oil Blue: Steam Legacy edition is $0.99
Helium Rain is $7.49
Hypergate is $3.59
Pillars 2 Season Pass is $12.49

Don’t forget you already own Helium Rain from the $5 itch bundle!

Wow, that Itch bundle, I’ll never truly figure out what’s in it.

Nice bundle went up on Humble:

Moons of Madness and Breathedge in the top tier.

Siege of Centuari is also in there, which Stardock half ass supported post release and really sort of felt like it was sent out to die. But you could see that there was possibilities there if only they would have stuck with it.

Heads up, the XCOM 2 Collection (containing all things XCOM 2) is on sale for $19.99 at Indiegala.

Fanatical has a 20 game bundle for 3$:

Some good, some not so good. All rebundles. I liked these:

  • Gemcraft Chasing Shadows
  • World’s Dawn

RUSSIAPHOBIA for $0.60 on Steam… not sure I need more of that

New cheap Fanatical Sci-fi bundleroni.

Phoning Home
Starward Rogue

Damn, I figured Root was the board game and was all over it, but it’s some completely unrelated thing. I guess the board game wouldn’t make much sense in a sci-fi bundle.

I checked the bundle to see which Root it was, too. Had to be sure.