Bargain Thread 2020

Pit People is having a free week and $12 sale.

Mechanicus is tempting. What is the consensus around here, any good?

I know that the reviews are “overwhelmingly positive”, but I found it very meh. I didn’t like the interface, or the graphical style, or the general flow of the game. I refunded it.

I liked it - I’d say it’s good but not great. I was happy spending my time with it, but wouldn’t tell anyone it is a must have. I’m not a Warhammer fan and liked it so that may say something for it.

New freebies:

There are a dozen more on itch, but this looked like the best one.

Epic - Figment, World War Z, Torment Punisher

“Death-positive” what?

Maia is currently free or PYWY for a direct download on

Was that ever finished? I remember years ago thinking it looked intriguing.

Mortician’s Tale is a modest game, but I found it to be quite good and thoughtfully made.

Thanks Gigglemoo. Here’s a link to the EGStore freebies, for those interested:

Humble Award Winner’s Bundle right now which includes Quadrilateral Cowboy and Yoku’s Island Express in the middle tier for $6.84 at the moment.

Thanks a lot!

No problem. I’d been waiting for Quadrilateral Cowboy ever since Tom gushed over it and this is the first time I can recall it going on sale this low. Yoku’s is also excellent, so it’s a no brainer.

Wow, I really wonder what you will think about it…

More free games. Lara is also on Apple stuff.

200% Mixed Juice is also free. Don’t ask me the difference. I’ve never played either.

$6.69 . Might work at least for youngens.

This looks more simplified than I remember, but maybe I don’t remember the old game as much as I remember the old PC game.

If you’ve ever been curious about the Age of Fear tactical strategy series, the developer (Leslaw Sliwko) has put together a hugely discounted Stay-At-Home-Bundle of all three games plus their DLC for only $22.50, which is more than 77% off the list price. Even better, it’s a Steam Magic Bundle, so it subtracts the cost of anything you already own. It’s a great way for fans to get DLC and earlier entries in the series they may not have.

I’ve had my eye on those games for a while. Tried the free version, was pretty fun.

I picked them up. Unlikely to get to them any time soon, but they are in the genres I play. And indie devs, which can probably do with some extra support.