Bargain Thread 2020

I think he’s referring to your trying to make a go of streaming as a full time thing to make a living.

10 Second Ninja X is also free to keep

I haven’t played it, but for free I’ll add it to the backlog!

I found the Humble Choice Classic plan to be worthwhile for the 20% off discount on their store. It stacks with almost every game - even those already on sale. Puts most games into “all time low” territory quite often.

The discounted Premium offer @SlainteMhath linked gives that same benefit.

Well, aren’t you working hard on the major project of getting paid to play games? Got for it! We all hope you succeed.

Oh, yes, I’m working very hard. Thank you!

I am not sure what the cheapest this has been for sure, by itself, but due to people being stuck at home… Campaign Cartographer 3+ is on sale for $22.45.

I know you can change countries on their store front, and it’s £14.95according to what i see.

My experience with it is limited, in that I own it, played with it but have not devoted time to really do something special… yet. It’s a robust tool system, there are other products that work with, for sure, as I am sure some of you know already.

$4 for The House of Da Vinci over at Fanatical.

Steam page for more info on this escape room game:

Thanks! Never heard of the game, but it sounds intriguing, with the sequel coming this week.

I’ve seen it compared to The Room, and note that it is also available on mobile app stores for $4.99.

Far Cry 5 has a free weekend coming up on Uplay, available to pre-load now (33GB).

Healers Quest is 75% off.

Do people really not appreciate the healer? I like being the healer in online games.

Is he treated like the goalie? It’s his fault if the team loses, but it’s not thanks to him if the team wins?

I tried playing a healer in WoW once… that was way too much pressure and decidedly not fun, just staring at your party’s health bars and getting blamed for wipes. I certainly grew a larger appreciation for healers after that! I’ll take a DPS role (hunter, rogue) any day of the week.

I love healers. But yeah there are bunch of jerks that do tend to blame healers for everything. It came from the whole trinity thing.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, he who dies fastest sucks the most.

Almost forgot to grab the freebie!

Last Day!

I healed as a Druid in WotLK, including a Lich King kill. And the changes they made in Cataclysm 5-mans made me walk away from healing and never look back.

Free weekends on Steam: Darkest Dungeon, Cultist Simulator, and PixARK.

While grabbing the new System Shock demo, I noticed that GOG’s Summer Sale has started.

Yakuza 0 is $4.79 on Fanatical