Bargain Thread 2020

You should have experienced the first game instead of playing it.

Steam Summer Sale was rumoured to start tomorrow. Anyone know if this is happening?

Yes, it absolutely does start today.

Weeee, thanks! Bargains coming my way. :)

So obviously the Steam Summer Sale is in full effect at the moment, but there are a few other bargains to be found around the interwebs this week.

Fanatical has a Flash Deal on Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Bundle for a historic low $6.39 (80%) which includes the base game plus 4 DLC, all of which are the original expansions.

Fanatical also has a new Build Your Own Strategy Bundle with 24 titles to choose from at 3 for $2.99, 5 for $3.99 or 7 for $4.99. The games are all mostly olderand/or indie titles, but several are well worth $1 or less each, including Warhammer 40K Space Wolf, Omerta : City of Gangsters, 911 Operator, King of Dragon Pass, Space Rangers HD and Gemcraft : Chasing Shadows. Any 3 of those for $3 is a deal.

In the same vein, the Build Your Own RPG Bundle contains 19 titles at the same price points. Choose Rebel Galaxy, Hard West and Age of Decadence for $3, or fill the gaps in your King’s Bounty collection at less than $1 per title.

If you were considering Hardspace : Shipbreaker at $20 on Steam, GreenManGaming has it for $17.59 (30%)

Pretty good Slitherine Bundle for $20

Battle Academy 1 and 2
Pandora First Contact
Vietnam '65
Warhammer 40K Armageddon
Warhammer Sanctus Reach
Advanced Tactics
and some more bring the total to 20 games.

In honor of their 20th anniversary.

Today Slitherine and Matrix Games are facing unprecedented growth, and opportunities are growing on low branches like never before. We put on a few years, but we look forward to the future with confidence and a promise to keep making games for strategy lovers and never forget where and how it all started.

I think putting their games on Steam probably worked out for them. They resisted for so long.

Qvadriga is a great game in the Slitherine bundle if someone doesn’t have it yet. Zoom by competitor’s chariots and whip their buggy to pieces. Watch them being dragged to death.

QVADRIGA could be such a great party game it makes me hurt inside that it’s totally single player. It’s still a really fun little game, though.

QVADRIGA is really just a PC version of:

…which is indeed a great party game.

Yeah, but if you play in the “real-time” mode, which you should!, no analysis paralysis allowed. I guess you could play Circvs Maximum with an egg timer or something, but that seems like it would be too unwieldy.

Fair enough. To be clear, I totally agree that Qvadriga would be a blast in MP.

Lot of games will show up in the giveaway thread, me thinks.

Free Watch Dogs 2 if you login to Uplay during their special event on July 12:

“I’m sure that includes the DLC,” Stusser snarked, knowing that it didn’t.

Ubisoft: Have some free stuff!
The Internet: Fuck you you mean bastards.

That game really doesn’t have much relevant DLC.

The DLC was actually pretty well reviewed, and shockingly the season pass is on sale right now for $8. Of course it’s a 4 year old game so that still feels a bit dear. If I’m playing an old game, I really do want the full experience.

New Humble Bundle; a bunch of Telltale games + Oxenfree + Heaven’s Vault

That’ll be Heaven’s Vault for $15 which is what it’s going for in the Steam sale, so an opportunity to grab it and flesh out one’s Telltale collection, really.