Bargain Thread 2020

Aargh /takes head in hands

So is the Year One Pass the thing I would buy if I wanted to (essentially) end up with the GotY edition (which apparently I cannot buy for myself because I already have the base game and Codemasters doesn’t do the Steam magic “complete your collection” thing)?
@Rock8man, given what you posted after your last comment, I gather that the oversight you mentioned is that the Year One Pass does include the Colin McRae pack but fails to point out that it does.

Yes. If you want everything, get the Year One pass.

That is also correct.

Whew! Thank you, and thanks to @Profanicus and @Rock8man for their replies.

Looks like this is available from July 7 to July 27.

I want to continue my game of Far Cry New Dawn. Anything else you’d recommend from them that’s worth trying, even if you don’t get very far? You’re like the Ubisoft game finishing expert on this forum.

New Dawn and Primal have more character than other stuff IMO… The Watchdogs are quite interesting but I think you said you’d already played those.

Have you tried one of all the main series? That’s what I’d do… The first Division? Wildlands…? Why not see what the summer season of Crew 2 is like and report back on the driving physics :)

Oh, I like that idea!

Fanatical has a new Pick and Mix FPS Bundle of 20 titles to choose from at 3 for $2.99, 5 for $3.99 or 7 for 4.99. Mostly indies, with some interesting stuff in the mix such as Morphite, Killing Room, Bunker Punks, Lichdom : Battle Mage, Deus Ex : GOTY, Deus Ex : Invisible War, and Devil Daggers among others.

The Star Deal at Fanatical today is Persona 4 Golden for $16.39 (18%) which is a historic low. You’ll also get Extinction FREE for spending over $10. You can get Extinction alone for $4.49 (85%) if interested.

GreenManGaming has Warhammer : Chaosbane for $17.85 (64%), but a much better deal is the Magnus Edition for $24.99 (64%) which contains the Deluxe Edition extras and the Season Pass (all DLC).

If you just picked up Railway Empire in the Humble Choice Bundle last week, WinGameStore has all of the DLC for 15%-60% off.

WinGameStore also has:
Battletech for $9.19 (77%)
Hearts of Iron IV : Cadet Edition for $7.99 (80%)
Kerbal Space Program for $5.99 (85%), a historic low and 33% off the DLC
Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord for $34.95 (30%)

Epic Store Free Games are live. Escapists 2, Lifeless Planet and Killing Floor 2.

IndieGala has the wonderful No Man’s Sky for $22.19 (63%) which is only $1 or so off the historic low.

Tropico 6 has a free weekend and $30 sale on Steam.

Ubisoft Forward Sale going on, additional 20% off sale prices.

What’s interesting about that sale is that they tried to sell me The Division 2 again. I said to myself “I could have sworn I just bought this game twice, once on Xbox and once on PC, so if I don’t have it on Uplay, where the heck do I own it on PC?”. I looked on Epic, Steam, then circled back and scrolled down my library list on Uplay and there it was! Even though they really wanted me to buy it again (they even added it automatically to my shopping cart for some reason). Stop it Uplay! I don’t want to own a 3rd copy of The Division 2. Just stop it.

I don’t even want to own one!

I think they maybe sometimes get confused between regular, free and trial versions.

Fantasy General II is free at Matrix Games.

You have a link? I’m not seeing that.

That’s the “prologue”, which I gather is basically a demo. It’s free on GOG and Steam as well.

Oh shit. My bad. 900MB download, wasted.

No worries, your intentions were noble. :)

Noble, indeed.

Honestly I was so surprised at seeing the word FREE on the Matrix site, I just clicked on it without thinking. :)