Bargain Thread 2021

Despite my backlog, I want to pick up a few new games on sale that keep showing up on most of the Best of 2021 lists. The Steam sale discounts for these titles are mostly lackluster, but the Epic $10 coupons are making it just too hard to resist.

Death’s Door and Inscryption seem like no brainers with the $10 discounts. Maybe even The Forgotten City and Sable?

It’s like Starward rogue with streamlined maths and Nier Tomato hacking game soundtrack! Sweet!

I have gotten on with it much better than Starward Rogue, but the resemblance is certainly there.

@Rock8man This game is so much more relaxing than Atomicrops. Just do what I do and imagine you’re nine years old playing a NES (that somehow has two control sticks) again.

I was a PC gaming snob back then! So no NES games for me, except Legend of Zelda, which I played over a week while visiting a cousin. First console to break me free of that was N64 and Goldeneye being so much better than PC shooters of the time.

Well then relive the youth you never got to have!

Atlus digital 3DS games on sale. Some fantastic titles for $9.99 for those still playing on the 3DS.

I’ve never played any of those, any suggestions for someone who likes ARPGs and roguelikes/lites?

Yes, Monolith.

Mentioned in the Switch thread, but if you like those things and also like 2D Zelda, this is 50% off:

Also 50% off on Switch:

But neither of those are on the 3DS you guys. ;)

Etrian Odyssey is by a wide margin the best modern iteration of a Wizardry-style dungeon crawler, down to using the touch screen for grid mapping, if that’s at all your thing.

You have a PC, though. Do you want it to get lonely?

Hah, 98% of my gaming will still be on the PC, I just like a good deal when I see one.

Red Dead Redemption 2 for only $10? Looks like you can buy RDR2 Online from EGS for $5 after coupon, then purchase the story content for $5 from within the game/launcher.

I’m trying it out now, but it’s going to take some time for my download to complete since my internet is slow.

update: This works. Got RDR2 online + story for under $10.

Hmmm, I have for Xbox, but never finished it, and I’m wondering if there are PC mods that make RDR2 worth having on PC?

Meanwhile, I was finally going to get around to playing the copy of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption that I kickstarted many years ago and claimed a key for fewer but still multiple years ago, and I realized I’d never finished the Quest for Glory series it’s based on.

And I discovered that you can get all five original games for just $6.49 on sale on both Steam and GOG right now. That’s an amazing deal for a ton of gameplay. And now that indie games are a thing, I don’t even have to lament the ancient graphics or dated UI, I’ll just pretend they’re indie titles. :)

All the ancient Sierra adventures are on sale at GOG right now. Perhaps I should pick up the Space Quest games, since it seems those guys are never gonna deliver on their kickstarter at this point. (Latest update was that the game was done but they realized the save game system was broken and it’s a huge rework to create a new one.)

I tried out Monolith. It’s very confusing visually. I’m not sure what I’m looking at on the screen at any time. What’s an enemy, what’s just something that blocks my way, what’s destructible. The music is an assault on my ears, but easily turned off, but the sound effects aren’t much better. Too retro for me, I’m afraid.

As ugly as Atomicrops is, at least I know what I’m looking at! :)

Whatever is trying to kill you!

Things that stop you moving but don’t kill you!

Things that blow up when you shoot them!

See, these retro styled games are easy. ;) It was always just a case of “if it moves, shoot it. If it doesn’t move, shoot it anyway”.

Monolith is great, haven’t played it for ages but it has a highly addictive roguelite pull about it.

If it moves it’s an enemy. It is hard to distinguish their bullets in the noise of your own fire sometimes, though, I will grant you that.