Bargain Thread 2021

You can pick up a free copy of Horizon right now on PSN. There’s also usually a half off deal for a year of PS Plus floating around slickdeals.

You can get a bunch of free games here. Most of them expire tomorrow so don’t forget, this is some of the best stuff on the system.

Also a three month trial of funimation (anime) if you’re into that.

Re: Cheap stuff, if you don’t mind not owning the games Playstation has two great subscription services.

Thanks, already got it. :)
There are also 9 indie games, including a couple of very attractive one, like The Witness or Subnautica, for free for another couple of hours. Their slot overlaps with Horizon for ca. 2 days.

edit: Seconds too late. Thanks guys. :)
I got all of them, and my relative, who sold me the PS4 even installed them for me. His internet doesn’t suck. ;)

Thanks! Bookmarked it.

Two deals I found:
Dead Island Definitive Collection 5.99 EUR
Dead Island + DI Riptide, both remastered
The Witcher 3 GOTY 9.99 EUR

Are those still free if you DON’T have that monthly multiplayer-service fee thing?

Yes they are.

Looks like Fanatical is doing one of those live “flash sale” thingys. Looks like mostly junk, but maybe something good will pop up.

Project Cars is $2.50…I think some people are in to that.

Fanatical has begun another Insanity Sale Featuring Flash Deals. New deals every hour with 50+ titles in total to be heavily discounted. Already live titles include:

  • Detroit : Become Human - $23.59 (41%)
  • Legends of Eisenwalk - $1.99 (90%)
  • Project CARS GOTY - $2.99 (95%)
  • Everspace : Ultimate Edition $7.49 (85%)
  • Sherlock Holmes : The Devil’s Daughter - $0.99 (95%)
  • Opus Magnum - $6.79 (66%)
  • GhostRunner - $14.99 (50%)
  • Yakuza 6 : Song of Life - $15.59 (22%)
  • and more.

EDIT : Damn it, sniped by @charmtrap

They just added Death Stranding at $23.99 (60%), matching a historic low!
And Telltale’s The Walking Dead : A New Frontier at $3.44 (77%)

Sorry! Not trying to step on any toes.

Ha, no worries! Great minds think alike and all that… =)

Does anyone know how to get that?

I tried downloading the funimation thing, where it asked me to sign up for a free trial. I said okay, made an account, and then there’s only a subscribe for 8$ a month option asking for a credit card. No mention of free anything on the screen.

Oh, never mind… fine print doesn’t mention Canada. :(

United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia

And these are the countries for the “Wakanim” free 3 months: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, and Ukraine

  • Everspace : Ultimate Edition $7.49 (85%)

Does Fanatical require you to link your Steam account or do they just provide the Steam key for you to activate manually? That Everspace deal may be too good to pass up.

Steam keys.

No linking required. You will see the purchase in your Fanatical account page, click through to it and you will see the key(s) which you then register manually on Steam.

Awesome, thanks to both. I dislike the account linking that Humble Bundle does although I know it uses auth tokens etc etc get off my lawn just let me cut and paste my damn keys with Ctrl-C/V like the gods intended!

Humble hasn’t done that in ages. Steam stopped that thing a long time ago.

Whoops, good to know, thanks! I shall adjust my grumpiness accordingly.

Fanatical Insanity Sale has added more deals:

  • Kingdom Come Deliverance - $10.19 (66%)
  • Pillars of Eternity II : Deadfire - Obsidian Edition - $17.99 (70%)
  • Sniper 3 : Ghost Warrior - Season Pass Edition - $4.49 (85%)
  • Rimworld - $29.04 (17%)
  • Shenmue III - $14.49 (71%)
  • Superhot : Mind Control Delete - $7.24 (71%)
  • Banner Saga 3 - $6.24 (75%)
  • Art of Murder Pack and Chronicles of Mystery Pack (HOG Bundles) - $1 each
  • and many more.

If you’re looking for co-op games to play, Humble has a new New Couch Classics Bundle.

Pay $1 for Steam key to:

  • Door Kickers : Action Squad

BTA (currently $7.75) and receive:

  • Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Nine Parchments
  • 20XX

Pay $10 and unlock

  • Wargroove
  • Lethal League Blaze
  • Biped

That Insanity Sale has Dirt Rally 2 and GRID (2019) both going for $2.49.
Was the latter any good? Trying to figure out if I already have it somehow (such are the modern gamer’s “problems”).

Also Yakuza Like a Dragon for under $36 and Yakuza 0 for under $5.