Bargain Thread 2021

How can you dislike something so INTENSELY FUCKING CHARMING?

He’s French.


The British part of me wants to say, “Aye, fucking Frog.” but I won’t.

It may be charming, but I wanted to play a game.

There’s totally a game there, c’mon.

Are visual novels games?

Us Brits would be far too polite to say those sort of things, must be your America part ;)

I know they wished they were books, which (?) most of them definitely aren’t!

I guess my question is, do you enjoy visual novels?

Heck no, so many good books to read instead.

Yeah, DEFINITELY the Philadelphia part.

Wait there is a visual novel part in Dorfromantik? :0

No, I was trying to fish a contradiction from you in terms of wanting “more of a game” because I was under the impression that you liked visual novels (which are extremely low in the “game” side of the spectrum), which you don’t, in which case my attempt to put you in an uncomfortable position and force you to rethink your argument completely backfired.

Thing is, I don’t even think it’s about being a game or not. It’s that you don’t really like “toy” games, or games that give you things to play with without giving you much structure or well-defined rewards. So I was trying to make you come to that conclusion by yourself, but my plan completely failed, and I’m probably wrong. So don’t mind me! ;)

Oh but i love toy games like ksp or agartha-s.

On the discord some were saying it was “chill”. It very much succeeds, because it bore me incredibly quickly. It didn’t help that it was about fitting pieces like in Carcassonne, a mechanic that always made me loathe that boardgame. And unlocking stuff for the sake of unlocking is something that don’t engage me anymore: it’s been abused and the spell has worn off me, like the loot chase in so-called action RPGs.


Well, KSP is definitely not chill at all, and I don’t know agartha-s? But the Carcassonne thing makes a lot of sense, as does the “had so much of that it doesn’t engage me anymore”. I feel that too, just with different games, I suppose. And I like chill. Sometimes I need chill. So there’s that. ;)

Neat, thank you, I did not know this existed.

Last day for the game bargain of the year:

Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid by Tybawai and 864 others -

Thank you for the reminder! Purchased. I have yet to play anything from the previous bundle, but I don’t even care as all I really wanted to do in both cases was help support the causes in some small way.

New Out in the Open World Bundle at Humble. Three tiers:

Pay $1 for Steam key to:

  • AER : Memories of Old

BTA (currently $11) and add:

  • Hurtworld
  • Supraland
  • Yooka-Laylee

Pay $12 and unlock:

  • Kingdom Come : Deliverance
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon : Wildlands
  • Borderlands : GOTY Enhanced Edition

Most of the games in this bundle have been in other bundles elsewhere already (I mean really, Borderlands GOTY in the top tier? Is there anyone who doesn’t own this already?) Kingdom Come : Deliverance is one of my favorite games of the past few years, and normally I would highly recommend grabbing it for $12 as part of a bundle, however the Royal Edition (which includes all of the DLC) has been as cheap as $13.59 on sale, and the Steam Summer Sale is right around the corner so…

Fanatical’s Star Deal today is the strategy game Driftland : The Magic Revival for only $2.89 (85%).