Bargain Thread 2021

I was thinking about picking up Spellforce 3 : Fallen God along with Spellforce 3 : Soul Harvest which is currently $6.24 (75% off). However Epic Store doesn’t seem to have the Spellforce 3 base game at all, which is weird. Am I missing something? I thought Soul Harvest and Fallen God were stand-alone expansion games, and that the base game was still a different campaign and stuff? If I’m buying in, I want to be able to own the whole series.

Might be best to wait and use the coupon during the upcoming sale.

What should I use my coupon on?

Great question! New releases like Back 4 Blood, Far Cry 6 and Alan Wake Remastered are all great choices.

If you’re looking to min/max your savings, our Halloween Sale kicks off on October 18. We’ve got some spook-tastic deals this year with World War Z Aftermath, Wolfenstein, Maneater and more!

If you’re not feeling the Halloween vibes, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with up to 75% off on games across ALL genres: Hitman 3, Chivalry 2, Voidtrain… you get the point. Check out the full sale collection on October 18!

Is it weird that I’m also tempted, even though I have very little time for something like an RPG these days?

Is it even any different? I seem to recall people giving a big old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, I have no idea why I’m tempted to give it another try from time to time. And then I realize how bored I am and I quit playing for another 10 years.

It will be great if they offer Hitman 3 with a 75% off discount. But I doubt it.

What will really happen is they’ll discount Death’s Door to $14.98 so the coupon won’t work.

$60 for the family plan of Microsoft $365 is a great deal. Put aside the unneeded AV bundle, and even if you rarely use office. The 1TB of OneDrive space for each family member is the big benefit. If you let OneDrive back up Desktop/Docs/Pictures, a dead computer or a migration to a new computer becomes only an inconvenience.

A great stress reducer if you’re go-to tech support for kids or parents.

Torchlight 3 is on sale and a buddy of mine is proposing we buy it for some co-op. From reviews and what I’ve read here it’s kinda meh. Anyone care to chime in on whether we should give it a try or if there’s another better co-op ARPG that I should take a look at? Ideally one on sale or at a low price point.

@Chappers gifted me a kind of cute Zelda-ish action rpg for coop last year, Rogue Heroes.

We couldn’t play it enough, because he is so busy and I’m so sleepy, but it felt like a great game for two players (and up to 4) yelling at each others.
Lots of small puzzle elements in it.

not showing any discount here in the US unfortunately

I’m using that coupon for Chivalry 2! Would’ve got the game by now but… so many games so little time…

The Epic Halloween sale is on, and Epic helpfully includes a “$14.99 and up” filter so you can see where your coupon will do the most good. Nothing really jumping out at me but Death’s Door for $16, and for $6 I’m not even going to attempt to resist.

Sadly can’t be used on DLC. I was going to buy the Borderlands 3 Season Pass, which is on sale for $16.

Yeah, they never can. Kinda lame, but gift horses and mouths and so forth.

I picked up The Forgotten City for $11. Very well-reviewed.

Oh, thanks. I had this on my Switch wish list, I didn’t know there was a computer one.

Didn’t know or forgot?

Didn’t have time to forget, as I noticed that game last month or so ;P

It’s really good. I couldn’t stop playing until I got to the end. Just long enough to be satisfying and not overstay itself. Well acted, well plotting, good puzzles, some deeper mysteries you can delve into if you want. Just a solid game with a kind-of old-school feel.