Bargain Thread 2021

Damn, well I missed using that one then

Matrix is having its annual Holiday Sale. Among the many games marked way down in price is War in the Pacific - Admiral’s Edition. Normally priced at $79.99 U.S. its price has been reduced by 80%. I think I’ll buy it for the mere $16 it is offered for just to have the bragging rights.

Thank you for the notice. I grabbed the new CMANO game, that I will never figure how to play, and a bunch of Field of Glory 2 packs.

Steam Thanksgiving sale is on and just like clockwork, Steam is down.

What’s on sale? Why, the same shit that’s always on sale!

Seems ok now?

Deathloop 50% off @ $29.99

And the sale is no fun any more in any case (I know I know, it’s because of refunds), so I’m a lot less excited about it than I used to be. The flash deals in particular were something to look forward to (and my being in the same time zone as Seattle helped).

BTW, on the topic of bargains, is the place to look for one on a console game I’m looking to grab Lonely Mountains: Downhill if they remove it from Game Pass. That’s a heck of a fun game. doesn’t do console. or are probably what you want. Unless you want switch, and then it’s

The people recently added an for Nintendo titles, in case you want to stay all in their family.

And Dekudeals has expanded to cover Xbox and PlayStation too. It’s marked as beta, but I haven’t noticed any issues with it.

Awesome thank you!

Looks like Caster of Magic is on sale.

So, this game has been on my wishlist for a while, and now there is a DLC for it. I’m not 100% sure though. I think @BrianRubin you played it at one time? What did you think?

I found it adequate but forgettable.

That is terrible. I was looking forward to seeing multiple factions, especially with the future DLCs coming out.

If I buy this, I know I will feel the same way I did about Elven Legacy… I just know it

Yeah if you’re looking for a great 3X go with Warhammer Gladius.

I own the base game, but those DLC seem so pricey

They’re really worth it though.

58.92 for the whole bundle currently.
I’m going to take a pass on that.

And then there is Sanctus Reach and Battlesector.

There just is too much Warhammer 40k out there, as odd as that might seem.

No it’s not odd, there’s a ton, but the games you mentioned are some of the best.

Xbox Live Gold 12 months on sale for ~$50 at Newegg ( $59.99 + $10.50 off w/ promo code SSAY2523) for the next 14 hours only.

(this gets you set up to convert XBL Gold to MS Game Pass for less than $5/month, a crazy good value)