Bargain Thread 2021

Newegg has that deal at least once per month but yeah, that’s the way to do it.

Monster Train is on “limited stock super sale” for $6.23. I think these things go pretty quick so get it while it’s hot.

Says $12.50 for me. Looks interesting, though.

Yep,.me too, now. AllYouPlay deals always move fast.

I warezed it, back in the day (shameful blush)

and I was one of the few Amiga owners I knew of that actually bought software occasionally

Monster Train is 60% off at Steam bringing the price down to $9.99.

Betting that it has been discounted more elsewhere I picked up Wildermyth at 25% off on Steam. Tom’s inclusion of it as a best game of 2021 so far got my attention. This especially, “the real secret of Wildermyth is that it tells stories every bit as memorable as whatever epic arcs I’ve spent so long playing that I don’t even remember where they all started. Is it still an arc if you can’t remember the beginning?”

That last bit is me and every CRPG that I have started which is why I don’t buy them anymore.

Good reminder , here are Tom’s mid year top ten:

10 -Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
Galactic Mining Corp
HuniPop 2: Double Date
A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism
Imagine Earth
Necromunda: Hired Gun
Hitman III
1- Slipways

Why is Galactic Mining Corp not on sale!

Did you always want a copy of the Kickstarter version of 7th Continent but could never get your hands on one? Now’s your chance! Black Friday sale!

For those who aren’t monitoring the Switch thread, the e-shop has a ton of great deals right now. For example the Lego games are 85% off.

Game Stop also has first. party Nintendo games on sale as physical carts. Many at lowest price ever.

Game Stop also has first party Nintendo games on sale as digital downloads. Many at lowest price ever.

I personally bought Super Mario Bros Deluxe U, Kirby allies and Astral Chain codes for $27 each, for instance. The default on those was the used cart for those prices, but if you go change it to digital, it’s the same price for the code, which is so much more convenient. (But can’t be lent out/ re-sold/borrowed, of course).

Golf Story just went 50% off on the American eShop. A never before seen deal for the best Switch golf game!

And Arms is still not on sale. That game will never go on sale! And I’ll never buy it! Because I can be just as stubborn as Nintendo. (OK, not really, I’m weak).

Thanks for the heads up. Apparently I paid for it using Nintendo gold points, 699 of them? I had no idea that was possible. Their e-shop seems to heavily push towards spending it on useless cosmetics, so I thought that’s what they were for. I didn’t know they could be used to buy games!

Golf Story for free. Enjoy, I love that game.

Golf Story is SO much fun. Great novel use of the switch’s controller vibration too - it’s used to emphasize dialog! Really fun and effective.

I was just coming here to post it, saw it on the Cheap Ass Gamer Twitter. Couldn’t buy it fast enough.

The useless cosmetics are bought with platinum points, which can be gotten for free in various ways. Gold points are separate, and more of a simple % cash back on eshop purchases.

What’s especially great about gold points, is that I have earned some each time I’ve bought something and used the code on the e-shop. I’ve never actually bought anything from e-shop itself, only from Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop. And yet, I still earn their cash back from e-shop anyway.

Really great game for procedural story-telling and narrative generation.

Especially good if you like the Xcom-style tactical gameplay, but always wished for more bite-sized missions that play a lot faster, with interesting rewards at the end. :)