Bargain Thread 2022

New year, new thread, new bargains! Happy 2022!

Thanks to GoG this gem is on sale.

Populous is 75% off at GoG. $1.49

Wasn’t Pop2 better?

In any case, they have the other Bullfrog games for the same price

I never played the second game. :)

It was pretty good but lacked the simple charm of the original. There was a huge leap in complexity (and screen resolution) for the sequel.

This game was all about raising sea levels on the enemy

Something about that post seemed familiar. I hope GOG continues to cooperate in enabling topic continuity for years to come.

I actually thought the first Populous was the best one, but I also think SimCity was by far best in its first release. Sometimes games are best when they’re simpler. (See also, Civ, which peaked at Civ 2. Unless you count AC.)

Agreed, the first Populous is best. As is the first SimCity.

Has anyone mentioned Populous?

I really don’t get the titling philisophy of this forum at all, if this is the populous thread.


You said titling.

It’s a good time to pick up Lithium City for $2. I had a great time with this. It feels like a minimalistic rendition of what I’d want out of a John Wick game, with no filler. You can bag and tag this one in an afternoon.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead (Darkest Dungeon-like) is free on GOG. I remember seeing some people here saying they enjoyed this.

I really don’t know why I still buy games…

This is good, I am currently playing it on Steam. Still registered it on GoG. :P

New free games on prime gaming:

What does “Plug In Digital” indicate? That it’s a code for GoG?

Thats the publisher I think. Amazon giving away better games than humble monthly, lol.

First one is GOG, the next two are on Epic, all the rest remain on Amazon’s platform only.

Jedi: Fallen Order is Origin. Downloading now.

sorry you are correct, it’s a great game.