Bargain Thread 2022

Just got an email about a really nice looking adventure game bundle: eight games for $20. Some nice ones in there too, like Beyond a Steel Sky and Unavowed.

Very nice, bought!

Twitch Prime: Starcraft remastered’ll be free in a couple days.

Good times 20 years ago. :)

Shit. Yet another game I bought, didn’t play for years, then became available for free. At least I’ve slowed down on that a bit.

It did take 24 years to get to that point though, so I wouldn’t beat yourself up too bad.

Tut tut. Starcraft Remastered came out in 2017.

Fine fine :)

had that one coming

If it makes you feel any better, I bought the original releases and never finished them, and then bought the remaster and haven’t played it yet.

The Humble Deckbuilder Bundle has replaced Rounds (was $1) with Wingspan, but it’s in the top tier.

Not in any way a deckbuilder, mind. But hey, nor is Cultist Simulator.

A cool game that justaguy2 loves to poke fun at. I just like to learn the names of the bird with their chants :/

Posted this in the Space Thread but it’s also a dealio so here goes:
Defy Gravity is the $1
Deep Space Battle Sim, Everspace Ultimate , Starpoint Gemini Warlords Gold, at the $7 tier
BSG Deadlock Season One, Godlike Burger, Per Aspera @ $12

I bit on this one even though turns out I have Everspace Ultimate and I have Deadlock base game. Everspace is one key for the set, and SPG is one key for the set, but BSG Deadlock is individual keys for the game and each DLC.

@BrianRubin BIYF?


Summer Sale at Fanatical , rewards offered also:

Groupees… remember them?

If anyone has unused keys or downloads or music etc now’s the time to grab them. The site might be closing in a couple weeks. I’ve probably purchased 100 bundles from them (mostly music), and I know I’ve recommended some here.

Ohhh thank you! I’ve probably bought dozens of bundles from them.

Cat Quest 2, has the purrrrrrfect discount over at WinGameStore (75% off) now at a $3.74 sale price.