Bargain Thread 2022

These two classic Bethesda games are free on Steam. Not sure if this is permanent or temporary. They were listed at $6 each yesterday. I played around with Daggerfall just to see if it runs on Windows 11, and it does! But hoo boy, those graphics.

Daggerfall Unity is what you’re looking for! It remakes the game in the Unity engine and it looks and runs wonderfully.

I don’t know if this is a good price but Amazon has a RTX 3080 Ti on sale

@robc04 That’s a historical low on Amazon’s pricing per camelcamelcamel

And it’s still available even now, 5 hours later.

I don’t consider the 3080 Ti model in general to be a good deal, but yeah, the GPU drought has been subsiding.

EVGA’s website has their 3080 FTW3 Ultra in stock for $870. Newegg has the same price backordered, but I wouldn’t expect it to take long to fill at the moment.

3080ti is a terrible deal, but the 3080 12GB and 3090 are worse. So that’s something.

3080 10GB is the way to go in this tier.

Can I get one from Eneba? (I kid, I kid)

Sigh. I remember way back before the Crypto Wars when $499 was considered “pricey” for a new model GPU.

I would head down to CompUSA, which is what they called TigerDirect back in those days. I tied an onion to my belt, as was the style at the time…

That feeling when you scroll through Steam’s May 4th Star Wars sale page and realize you have everything offered in your library…

GOG has most Stellaris stuff on sale.
I ended up getting the game, all story packs, and all character packs for about $55. Not sure yet if that’s a bargain or the proper price to begin with.

…and they’re all still in your backlog, but you’re still looking at the sale anyways.

GMG has bonus rewards for people who take part in their XP system for May.

I grabbed Dune Spice Wars for 25% off.

Humble Spring Sale

You shouldn’t care, you’re just going to play more Antihero :-)

If I don’t get a Steam notification every hour or so that @lordkosc is playing antihero I assume my internet has gone down and check it.


It’s not a normal day without lordkosc:

a.) Playing Antihero
b.) Asking his bros to vote for his CSGO team

So, Jotun and Prey are free on Epic today, both repeats.

However, also Redout is free, which is not a repeat.

Edit: I can’t read. Another game next week. They put a countdown clock in there and confused me.

Fanatical Star Deal today is Neverwinter Nights Enhanced, Icewind Dale Enhanced, and Planescape Torment Enhanced for 7 bucks. 12 hours left.