Bargain Thread 2022

In the Epic game store, apparently.

Edit: read the timer wrong… sorry

Wow, that seriously undercuts the value of the Humble Choice bundle that had it a couple months back.

Thanks you just reminded me to skip a month!

We’ve progressed from regretting not waiting for a bundle to not waiting for something to be given away for free.

Next step: you own the experience! NFTs and blockchains for everyone!

Just a heads up: Supreme Commander Gold (main game + expansion Forged Alliance) is back on sale at Steam for $3.99. I should know because I bought it. Seems a steal. Remember, it’s the only way to play FAF online in the community since the GOG version prohibits that.

Normally I’d be excited about a new FC game but the last one (Far Cry 5) gave me major motion sickness for some reason so I increased the FOV which helps a little because the default is far too low for my taste. Then I discovered that increasing the FOV actually interferes with certain mechanics like trying to climb out of a window while bullets are flying over your head. Just don’t want to have to deal with something like that again in FC6.

I picked the Supreme Commander bundle up recently and installed the “Loud” mod. It adds units, maps, AI, but most importantly, it fixes the late game lag issue on modern systems. Unless you are in it for online PvP, I strongly recommend the mod.

Yeah, I heard Loud is a good alternative to FaF if you don’t have the Steam version but that FaF has the much larger active online community and more mods. Personally, I liked the idea that once I became adept at this game I could choose to play the original campaign from Supreme Commander in FaF with many things unlocked. No regrets picking it up during the Steam sale for $3.99.

Does FaF fix the late game lag? That was bugging me a lot on the Steam version in multiplayer co-op. From what I read FaF was good for the competitive scene (pvp balanced new and old units) but Loud was good for the bug fixing (mostly lag) vs AI (because it has a good AI).

The lag is only late game because it has something to do with AI of dead units still eating CPU on software that was written in single core times. Thus the longer the game goes the more it slows down as that many more units have been made since the start of the game. I was primarily enjoying co-op vs AI with a friend and it would get hard to control units after 45 minutes or so.

I don’t know if the lag was fixed or not. Haven’t really gotten into FAF yet. Just bought a new RTX 3070 card that’s waiting to be installed once I get the new PSU in 2 days so my next few games are likely to be things that push it to the max or showing off the new features, like Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. But yeah, i did hear that Loud fixed those things you mention but don’t know if FAF did. If these modders really want to get ambitious they should probably re-build SC’s engine into 64-bit that uses all CPU cores then maybe it would look like those ridiculously smooth encounters we see in BAR in the videos with hundreds and hundreds of units on screen at once battling it out and no lag or chop chop whatever.

Monster Train is $7.49 today on Steam. That’s 70% off. I’ve heard good things about it so I grabbed it. Another one for the pile!

raises glass FOR THE PILE.

Monster Train is really solid. It ate a bunch of hours until I bought it again on Switch to lose even more hours.

In the US it’s $10 off $15 or more. Ubi’s taking a page from Epic’s playbook. Works for me, as I picked up AC Valhalla for $14.

Carrier Command 2 is $30 this week, new lowest price. QT3 thread here.

Apparently, this update brings a UT-like good old servers browser. Oh my.

Good deal at Fanatical. Fantasy General 2 for $6!