Bargain Thread 2022

I almost bought the WWZ Aftermath upgrade on the EGS last week. Glad I didn’t need to spend money. :D

Hey cool, In Other Waters! I almost bought that several times.

Hey cool, I bought Jedi: Fallen Order at launch on Origin. That means I get to give away this Origin copy to someone at Qt3. Nice. I’ll post it tonight in the giveaway thread. Is it just a Redemption code they give for Origin? In which case it will be easy to give it away.

Yes it is

I feel like one of those force-fed geese. Stop giving me stuff internet!

Not wrong.

Fanatical has a couple of new bundles…

Platinum Collection Build-Your-Own Bundle for January features 3 titles for $9.99, 5 for $14.99 or 7 for $19.99. 20 games to choose from including:

  • Everhood
  • Immortal Realms : Vampire Wars
  • Falconeer + Falconeer : The Hunter Double Pack
  • Some Distant Memory
  • Iratus : Lord of the Dead
  • Before Your Eyes
  • Taxi Chaos
  • Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition
  • Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition
  • Syrian Warfare Deluxe Edition
  • Creepy Tale 2
  • Blacksad
  • Act of Aggression : Reboot Edition
  • unrailed
  • Those Who Remain
  • Lethal League : Blaze
  • Wargame Double Pack
  • Mini Motor Racing
  • The Suicide of Rachel Foster
  • Infectonator 3 : Apocalypse

The Build Your Own New Year Bundle offers 1 title for $1.00, 5 for $2.99 and 10 for $4.99. 24 games to choose from. You can make a nice 5 game $3 bundle from:

  • Hob
  • Shadows Awakening
  • Dungeons III
  • Stygian : Reign of the Old Gods
  • Fighting Fantasy : Legends
  • Fighting Fantasy : Deathtrap Dungeon Trilogy
  • Republique
  • Crashlands
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
  • and more.

Also a reminder that the Epic Games Store sale ends tomorrow (1/6) at 10:00AM EST. Last chance to use those $10 coupons to score deals like :

$5 Games!

$6 Games!

$10 Games!

Inscryption isn’t eligible for coupons in Canada (shows as $18.23 CAD, and message doesn’t meet the requirements). I’ve been watching for that one. Does it work in the US? That’d be sad if coupons work in some places but not others.

Yes, I bought Inscryption in the US with the coupon.

It’s the last day of the sale so I’m very tempted by lots of games today. Particularly:
Bonfire Peaks $7
Severed Steel $9
Kena: Bridge of Spirits $20
Toem $6
Chorus $30

I grabbed Inscryption too. So worth it, I see why it gets GOTY talk. Such awesome atmosphere and just a great package all around.

I’m tempted by Trials of Fire and Disco Elysium too but I went a little crazy on the Atlus 3DS sale so I’m trying to slow the influx since I just bought something like 700+ hours of JRPGs.

This is worth it!

Did you try this yet? I’m thinking about it.

The biggest fan of the game at Qt3 is @forgeforsaken. He can correct me, but I felt like he really enjoyed it, but he wasn’t over the moon over it. No one was. So $20 seemed like the right price to me, but there’s still so many games I’m playing right now that I do actually really love, so I decided to skip Kena in this sale.

I posted up thread about it, it’s in my personal top 5 of the year.

Thanks Forge. It’s not upthread, but I tracked it down in the other bargain thread. You went into much more detail than you did in the Kena thread. Here we go:

I liked Kena a lot, played the PS5 version. You’re looking at around 10-12 hours of gameplay. It’s sort of a throwback to the pre BotW Zeldas or PS2 era 3d exploration games. It’s fairly pretty, combat is sort of souls like, while there aren’t a ton of enemy designs they do a good job of mixing different types in the combat encounters. Some decent puzzle solving, and the Rot is super cute and there’s like 100 different hats you can find for them. I think it’s well worth it. The only knocks are some of the voice acting is a little flat and the difficulty settings could use some more balancing (there needed to be like something between easy and normal, maybe they patched that). Parry timing is a little odd too but you mostly can get through the game without it.

So to answer, I got it at full price and don’t regret it so I think it’s well worth it at 20.

Thanks for the input!

Stormground does not seem to get the most positive of reviews.

I enjoy it. Maybe I should write a Steam review for it, because it deserves better support (and marketing) than it’s received, IMO.

The Epic and Steam sales have ended (for now, but Lunar New Year Sales are right around the corner). Bask in the glow of your backlog and add a little more to the pile with Gods Will Fall for FREE on the Epic Store.

Fanatical Star Deal today is Detroit : Become Human for $16.19 (60%), about $0.50 above a historic low.

Fanatical also has the Civilization VI Anthology for $24.99 (75%), about $1 above the historic low.

Steam has indie kingdom sim Townsmen : A Kingdom Rebuilt for a historic low $1.99 (90%).

They also have open universe space exploration game SpaceBourne for a historic low $2.99 (80%). Recommended by QT3’s own Space Game Junkie.

Another space title with the SGJ seal of approval is Space Haven, on sale for a historic low $15.40 (33%).

Frenetic platformer Fury Unleashed is a historic low $6.99 (65%), but you can pay $0.82 more and grab the Awesome Games Bundle for $7.81 (82%) and add Oozi : Earth Adventure, I, Zombie, and Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, all of which are Very Positive rated (Awesome Games is an aptly named developer).

Humble is having an Indie Hit Sale.

I was going to say they have that early access game Noita for $8, but then I went to its steam page and found out that it’s been out for over a year now! Woah.

Bonus: if you buy it now, it will likely be in next month’s Choice bundle for the rest of us!

That’s one of the finest chuckles I’ve had this day.