Bargain Thread 2022

Project Nimbus is also a terrific arcade Mech combat game in that bundle.

That is a fantastic deal, as for that same $6 you also receive Starpoint Gemini : Warlords, Neon Abyss and Crown Trick, all very good games.

For $10 you can add Port Royale 4 and the Buccaneers DLC (no idea if Brady and Gronk are included). I enjoyed Port Royale 3 many years ago. Anyone know if Port Royale 4 continues the tradition of excellence?

Steam reviews say PR4 is teh suck. :(

This one alone is worth $6.

Some free keys over in the giveaway thread. Thanks for letting us know about the deals

New Fanatical pick bundle:
Build your own Headliner Bundle | Fanatical

It’s got Antihero. Is that any good @lordkosc?

I’d recommend Hard Reset & They Bleed Pixels, but if anyone just wants to play one of those I think I’ve got a spare key.

Antihero 10/10 , Would backstab again!

I see Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is in this bundle.

10/10, would murder ejected pilots to hear their shrieks again.

Example of the joy of murder:

Bioshock Collection is free on Epic. Not bad for 3 games, eh?

“as well as a fresh lineup of free games, including Far Cry 4, Escape from Monkey Island, Astrologaster, Across the Grooves, Calico and WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship .”

That was a decent reminder to grab the current month of games. And then I realized (after getting the Amazon Games app to view them) that I have 333 free games sitting there unplayed.

The world is insane. What am I supposed to do with another 333 games added to my backlog?

Imagine wrapping them around you like a virtual blanket.

Amuse yourself to death.



Pure unbridled joy in that man.

Haha, awesome capture, Tyler XD

Hahahaha amazing.

That is one crazy reticle.

Every reticle matches that exact ship so you can glance at what’s firing, what’s damaged, how many missiles left. It’s brilliant design. Sir.

Why are the Steam reviews mixed?

Because people were upset it was an Epic exclusive first. It’s fucking maddening.

I mean hey, if you don’t wanna believe me that it’s the best space dogfighter since Freespace 2, I mean, that’s fine. What do I know about space games, right? ;)