Bargain Thread 2022

The Australian slang is uncalled for. Show some respect!

This will sound like I’m trying to cheat the system even more than this deal is already cheating it, but here goes: How does the account itself work? I mean, I realize it is tied to your MS account - but is it tied any tighter than that? This is something my son and I would both potentially use but not to the extent where we’d want to buy two 3-year packs. We’d just alternate who is logged in at any given time. How would save games be handled? Are they all cloud-based and thus whoever plays ‘first’ gets the save slots? Any other gotchas I’m overlooking?

There are various tricks to change your “home” Xbox but I haven’t looked into it in any depth. People say it’s a pain in the buttaroo.

Ah - I forgot this was an Ultimate thing. No xboxes here - we only care about the PC gamepass side of the deal.

On PC you can just share the same MS account, but I don’t know what happens if you both try to game at the same time, and you’ll share save games etc.

It’s $76 for three years. I’m a cheap bastard myself, but there are limits.

Nah, no attempting to use it at the same time or anything. Sharing the save games is likely the issue in this scenario.

EDIT: I guess I’m not totally crazy - it is apparently doable?

So my Ultimate runs out later this year. If I let it lapse completely so I’m no longer an active subscriber, can I sign up for Gold again and then convert that to GPU for $1? :)

Soo, isnt it better to buy 9x 3 month cards and USE the recurring billing trick? Thats a montnh rxtra and 4x9=36 = 3 full years, or am I Missing something @stusser ?

I hope not, because after the conversation here I went and bought an extra 3 codes, to get 12! :)

Yep, that is exactly what I did! Assuming that upgrade offer is still available at the time.

For me it was 15 bucks the second time but this time I did the full 3 years.

Starting Thursday, June 19, 2025, you’ll be billed every 1 month


I’ll put that in my diary.

You can do it again but they’ll probably charge you $14.99 to convert back. And of course at some point MS is going to fix that loophole. My guess is they’ll stop selling XBLG entirely, because it’s redundant with Game Pass.

Wait this gamepass deal is it just for the Xbox gamepass or can one also use it for the PC gamepass?

It’s for Ultimate which includes PC. Even if you don’t have an Xbox it’s an amazing deal (and I believe you might be able to play some console-exclusive games via cloud?).

Yep, ultimate works with everything.

Streaming is really nice if you’re traveling. Just bring a gamepad and you can play games in your air-conditioned hotel room or perhaps poolside, rather than exploring your environs like a frickin’ tourist. I kid, I kid, but it is nice for the kids.

Crimson Skies says Hellooooo from above… :)

I solved this thread by not giving money to MS anymore. Crazy savings, both for my wallet and mental health.

The classic Flashback is free on GOG:

What an apropos name. Haven’t played this since the Amiga days, and that was a scary long time ago.