Bargain Thread 2022

I got this SSD on prime day for that price and have no complaints. My motherboard doesn’t support gen 4, so it was as good as I was going to get.

Crucial 4TB NVME is at $315 currently if you need even more space:

The current Star Deal at Fanatical is Iratus. I haven’t played this one yet, but the general consensus I’ve seen indicates this is a very good variation of the Darkest Dungeon format.

Wait does this mean that SSDs have caught up to memory speeds? DDR4 maxes out at 25GB/s and PCI 4.0 seems to reach 32GB/s with 16 channels.

FYI, Iratus was a giveaway on Epic at one point (it’s in my library so it was obviously given away at one point). So you may already own it.

Yeah, I have it in my Epic library too.

Just a reminder. Gloomhaven and Lost Ark are the freebies the 22nd in Epic. That’s two days away.

Lost Ark is F2P so it’ll just be in-game promo crap.

Right you are, and I did have it, thank you sir. If anyone didn’t, the $2.99 Star Deal price seems good for it.

It’s Gloomhaven and ARK: Survival Evolved (a repeat), not Lost Ark.

New all time low sale price for Morels The Hunt!

New fanatical bundle:

Unexplored 2 already on there. Not a good sign, was only released a few months ago.

Fanatical Killer Bundle 24 costs $4.99 – get the following 7 Steam games:

Survive the Nights
Interstellar Space: Genesis
Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy
Call of Juarez Gunslinger
Deliver Us The Moon

Looks like a good bundle. I really enjoyed Deliver Us the Moon, it’s worth the price just for that IMO.

CoJ Gunslinger is a good game but that last boss fight is pretty much BS. I beat it near game launch but recently tried to replay it and couldn’t beat that boss fight even on Easy (being 61 probably doesn’t help).

This rings a bell!

Oh no, I spent $22.49 minus Epic coupon $10 on it (12.49 total) back in May of 2021. So it’s not THAT new! But it’s new to me, since I haven’t even installed it yet, and it’s part of this bundle for $5!

Crickey, I don’t think I can resist that bundle anyway. I have Interstellar Space: Genesis on my wishlist thanks to Qt3. The thread here made it sound really good! It’s on sale on steam right now for $9.89. But $4.99 is less than that!

Gunslinger is one of the few games where I immediately started (and finished) a Game+ after beating the final boss.

Excellent game- and not too long, with hardly any filler.

I’m tempted, since I do want Deliver Us the Moon but already have IS:G and CoJ:G. Hmm.

Has anyone played Unexplored 2 (I know Rock8man hasn’t… :) ? I might grab the Fanatical bundle for that.

Yeah I had it on Epic, dabbled a bit, and played about 8 hours proper of the Steam version since it hit v1. Interesting game, the way everything is generated.

It has the feel of being on a bit of an adventure, with the tabletop-type skill checks. Combat is kind of disincentivised by being dangerous, and providing little reward.

They had a little trouble with the base design and balance. The game world is populated with factions that advance on the map and take over areas, affecting relations you may have cultivated, etc.

Problem was, this progression only happened after you die (at which point you generate a new Wayfarer to continue in the updated world, with access to some stashed prior equipment).

So bizarrely you kind of needed to die to progress the game difficulty, otherwise it became trivial. I struggled a bit with this and would be sorely tempted to start a new world every time I died, rather than continue. Some people refused to die and just cake-walked the whole thing.

They have tried to address this by making the game world progress based on time, rather than death - but I haven’t played it since this patch went live, it was fairly recent. I guess the influx of Steam players is what brought it more to light as it did spend a year on Epic first.

It seems they fixed that in the last update:

This is why I still hadn’t started playing it, because I had the impression the game was going still to continue to develop for the first 6 months [after release].