Bargain Thread 2023

While hardware bargains are few and far between, gaming bargains will be plentiful in 2023!

Put them here:

I will kick off! Surprisingly well reviewed Need for Speed Unbound is $32 over at Epic, once their coupon is applied.

Thanks to GoG this gem is on sale, as always!

Populous is 75% off at GoG. $1.49

If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t yet own Kerbal Space Program (and if you don’t, what the hell’s wrong with you?) it’ll be free on Epic from Jan. 5th-12th.

phew, thanks, I got misled by that confusing first post!

I haven’t seen Populous in ages. I remember playing it way back when, on, um, the Amiga? Hell, can’t remember. But I loved futzing with the terrain at least.

I hadn’t seen it since 2022 January 1st!

Dishonored (Definitive Edition) is the free game on Epic today.

Firaxis’ Marvel’s Midnight’s Suns’ is on sale on Xbox this week for $47. It just came out very recently and is apparently very good!

I was really enjoying Tom’s reports about that game in the Midnight Suns thread. Even if you’re not interested in the game, they’re great.

Start here:

Prime gaming for Jan 2023:

  • Dishonored 2 GOG
  • The Evil Within 2 GOG
  • Breathedge
  • Other random shit

How much time have you got?

Ubisoft+ is a dollar for a month.

Remember to cancel unless you love it.

Great deal on practically all of Wadjet Eye’s point-and-click adventures for $10. Unavowed is a modern classic–a must-play if you have any interest in adventure games. The Blackwell games are all great. I haven’t played Strangeland, but it’s a pretty recent release. And there’s a coupon for 33% off their most recent release, The Excavation at Hob’s Barrow.

Oh, also, Unavowed stars this Tom Chick look-alike, so if you play it you can pretend it’s him:

He seems like he is looking at a piece of pedestrian motel art that stole his soul.

Where are the now canon red dead redemption facial hairworks though.

He looks like he’s visually stunned.

“Hey kid, you ever … shoot a monkey?”

Surprisingly good week on Epic. All three games look interesting (though I’m not sure I’ll play them, of course.)

Divine Knockout - a cutesy multiplayer 3rd person battler that I might play with my kid
First Class Trouble - Amongus with graphics?
Gamedec - Cyberpunk RPG

(Cross-posted in the Humble thread)
Some supposedly overlooked games from last year are in a new Humble Bundle:

I’ve heard very good things about Haiku the Robot. And I assume the Supraland sequel is as smart as the original.

I mean, I certainly overlooked them, in that the Supraland game is the only one I recognize. Quite a few of them look interesting, though.

Can anyone speak to any of these? In particular I’m curious if Prehistoric Kingdom manages to avoid the latter-day Frontier traps and produce an interesting simulation.