Bargain Thread 2023

Yeah I use this, link my steam wish list to it as well, set alerts for price levels as well is the best especially when coupled with Augmented Steam.

I liked Cheapassgamer since they covered all platforms. But I guess I can use ggdeals for PC, dekudeals for Switch, TrueAchievements for Xbox and my PSN wishlist for Sony stuff.

Dekudeals works for ps and xbox as well, but the alerts sometimes confuse me if a game I want on switch is on sale on another platform.

Yeah, same here. I sometimes forget that I’ve set the Xbox filter on at home and see games on the list that shouldn’t be there on the Switch.

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Fanatical has a bunch of really nice 2-3 game bundle packs for $1 each right now.

Medieval Kingdom Wars Deluxe Edition contains the base game plus the Royal Blood and Greater World DLC packs. Those two DLC alone are worth the $1 if you already have Medieval Kingdom Wars.

Stygian : Reign of the Old Ones and Through The Wood Double Pack Two nice horror-themed titles for $1.

Cyberpunk Themed Double Pack Re-Legion is a cyberpunk RTS that looks and feels a lot like a homage to the classic Syndicate games. Conglomerate 451 is a cyberpunk grid-based first-person dungeon crawler.

Starpoint Gemini 2 Gold Pack contains the base game plus the Origins, Secrets of Aethera and Titans DLCs. That’s a hell of a deal for $1.

Hero of the Kingdom Trilogy Pack contains Hero of the Kingdom I, II and III all for $1. These exploration and task-based games are fun and well-liked by many here on QT3, myself included.

Fugitives and Outlaws Double Pack Features two top down shooter adventures, 12 Is Better Than 6 and American Fugitive for $1.

Stealth Bastard Double Pack features stealth-based games Stealth Bastard Deluxe and Stealth Inc. 2 for $1.

Unity of Command Trilogy Bundle features Unity of Command - Stalingrad Campaign plus the Black Turn - Barbarossa 1941 and Red Turn - Road to Berlin 1943-45 DLCs for $1.

Uncertain Double Pack features story-driven adventure games Uncertain : Last Quiet Day and Uncertain : Light At The End for $1.

Valfaris and Slain Double Pack get both well-received platformers Valfaris and Slain for $1.

Plus several other $1 bundles.

This looks interesting.

Thanks for the tip. 3 bucks for a helluva lot of games.

I’m bundled up now. Thanks! Since I was in the neighborhood, I also grabbed Symphony of War and Oaken for $7.50 each from the Prestige Build-a-Bundle.

I was shocked to see new DLC for this older game. Zombie DLC!

Other than feeding the backlog, if one already has Unity of Command 2 & Starpoint Gemini Warlords, is there any point getting the earlier bundle games (forgetting about the price)?

I am now at 499 games on Steam, so I should save up and plan for something special for #500.

If you somehow don’t have it, get the Orange Box!

Bizarre you should say that, because I think that was my FIRST game on Steam. I bought Portal/OB for my PS3 ~2011 and it came with a Steam code so I signed up. That’s also why my account name has a psn_* on the front, because I knew I would be always gaming on PSN and not mostly on this PC game steam thingy. (never bought a PS4 or PS5…)

Do you like massive turn-based RPGs? Solasta : Crown of the Magister is currently on sale for $11.99.

It is so good! I just made about 30 characters this last weekend with the Unfinished Business mod. Spent hours rolling up “themed” 4 person groups. 3 Feet Under, Pointy Eared Party, Half Breeds, etc :). I then downloaded about 8 player made modules. I am locked and loaded for next week when the wife and kids are gone and I am on Staycation. It’s a steal at $12.00 much less $11.99!

My envy right now is palpable. PALPABLE!

Dangit. Solasta’s back to $29.99. :(

The list is long my friend. O chores there will be a plenty. However, the wife doesn’t know I hired my nephew…for a mere twenty. Lol.

He is also bringing over his gaming group and forcing me to play a tabletop RPG for the first time in 30 years. I said as long as all my…I mean his chores are done.