Bargain Thread 2023

CAG is working again. Maybe he had to pay Twitter to get his tweets automatically reflect on the website?

Anyway, some great deals on some recent Indie darlings on Xbox this week.

Also not mentioned but Swordship is 30% off, and Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers and $6 and $7 respectively I think. I already played those ages ago on my phones, but it might be cool to play them again on the big screen instead of a phone screen, then being some of my favorite tower defense games.

Encased, The Surge 2 and Dungeons III Complete or Dice Legacy makes for a fantastic three pack at only $5 each per game! (Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 are also great of course, but I figure everyone probably already owns those)

Just a reminder that Encased and Dungeons 3 were EGS freebies at one time. Check yer library before buying.

Has anyone tried Stranded: Alien Dawn? $23 at variuos places now.

Monolith is getting a price increase along with the DLC being integrated into the base game (and thus free for current owners) and a name change. It might be a bargain to pick this up now or during a summer sale.

Hello bargain people. Here’s one you’ve never seen before. Utomik, the cloud/pc subscription service with almost 1,500 games, is half price (~5$ USD a month) for their 5th anniversary. Deal link -||- Games list. Discounted subscription ends whenever you feel like you’ve had enough.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will shortly. Feel free to use that thread. The games list is kinda unfun to go through. I dug and found almost 90 thingies I’m interested in. They’ve even got Shaq Fu.

(GOG) 1 day freebie: Hell Division

(Battle net) Warcraft 3 Reforged is half price for the first time. Did they ever fix it?

(Comics) The Marvel Unlimited app is available for 5$ USD a month.

Canada deals:

  • Free apple arcade and other services (2-3 month trials) are available on the PC Optimum app.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart is carrying the new Zelda, Diablo, Xbox Elite controller & PSVR2. Point bonuses can get you big discounts.
  • Dollarama has huge hardcover Blizzard art books! I picked up “The Art of Diablo”, “Cinematic Art of Starcraft” and “Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft”. They weren’t a dollar, but it was under 20 for all of them combined.

No. It’s less of a hot pile of garbage than it was at launch, so it’s more of a lukewarm pile, but it’s still terrible.

Pretty good week for free games! Epic has Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, which was on my wish list for some reason I can’t remember, and Amazon/Twitch Prime has Roguebook, which was also on my wish list for some reason I can’t remember!

The deluxe addition of Helldivers is on sale for less than 9 dollars. Is this something that is still alive and kicking?

I wish that Steam would allow you to add notes to your wishlist. I’m often looking at games and asking myself “why did I add this to the wishlist?” If I had notes, I would list why I added it in the first place and then I’d remember.

I believe Augmented Steam lets you do this:

New cheap picks @ fantatical:

Build your Own Indie-pendence Bundle 2023 | Fanatical

I had a few hours of fun with Kart Racers 2. There’s 24 race tracks and a short challenge campaign. I own most of this bundle, lots of decent stuff. Some highlights:

  • Cook Serve Delicious series
  • Gemcraft Frostborn
  • Rebel Galaxy series
  • Redout
  • Styx series
  • Sword of the Stars the Pit complete
  • What lies in the Multiverse

My favorite ARPG, Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor, is on a flash sale on Fanatical, for $7.24 for the base game.

You can then get the rest of the DLC cheaply on Steam.

Hurry! It’s already 90% sold out. This is a steal.

Nice! Cheaper than the Steam sale, it was on my wishlist.

Haha, wrong way. The slider goes down, not up. It’s the amount remaining (88% remaining at this time).

I thought "hey, I love ARPGs, why don’t I look at this, but then some of the review comments pushed me back on the ‘no’ side of the fence. I’m not that interested in the 40K universe (I actively avoid anything about it, outside of interest in Rogue Trader) and I don’t need another game right now.

But still, it almost got me. Almost.

I have almost 400 hours in the game. Which comments specifically?

It was the culmination of these sorts of comments, that either made it seem unpolished or so 40K-focused that if you weren’t a 40K fan then you might want to skip out:

At first it sounded like a real solid choice to test out this Action RPG, but as I was playing I noticed how much of a drag the maps were. Nothing that connects to one another and most of the time you are just walking through a square trying to get to the end of the dungeon.

I am a WH40k fan so I am biased, but I really liked it and I didn’t feel the necessity to compare it to other ARPGs like D3 or Grim Dawn, it really does its own thing. Graphics aren’t bad but neither very good, which can be excused considering the attention to detail they put with following the source material. It looks like an aged game (which it is) but it doesn’t play as one. You really have to put up with its simplicity until you unlock crafting and crusades… After that the game becomes a way more enjoyable experience and it really shines at those two aspects.

Clunky controls, lot of bugs, bad progression system. Story, art style, and sound effects are great. One of the worst ARPG I ever played.

An excellent ARPG with lots of missions, a good story and a nice implementation. I have 500+ hours in it. To appreciate it properly, you need some W40K knowledge.

This game is diablo but in the 40k universe. It’s worth on sale if you like those two things. Doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Just an action rpg, you can play while a podcast or baseball game is on the other monitor.

Those are just some of the comments on Fanatical itself. Just remember, I wasn’t looking for a new game and wouldn’t have time to play it for a long while anyway, even if I did pick it up. It’s just that the 40K universe isn’t a selling point for me and so there’s nothing that this brings to the table that I don’t already have. It’s not that the comments are overly negative, just that there’s nothing that jumps out as ‘oh, wow! this sounds right up my alley’.

But, it’s on my radar now, in case I’m ever looking for that style a game in the future. Rogue Trader will probably be my first foray into 40K games.

I might pick it up. I have been on a Titan Quest Bender recently.

It’s between this and Helldiver, I think.

I bought the complete collection two years ago and refunded it. I think it was because of the need to change the camera angle constantly versus having a fixed camera angle.