Bargain Thread 2023

If Tom’s coming over, Better Invert Your Flightstick!

Humble Bundle has a Humble bundle.

Some real gems in here if anyone hasn’t played them on gamepass, choice, etc.

All games were previously on gamepass, but now removed.
Moonscars is on there for a couple more days if anyone wants to try before they buy.


  • Fae Tactics
  • Ikenfell 💖
  • Ring of Pain 💖

Mid tier:

  • Archvale 💖
  • Flynn Son of Crimson
  • Unsighted
  • Void Bastards

Full tier:

  • Dodgeball Academia
  • Moonscars
  • Wild at Heart

Yeah, very solid bundle for anyone who didn’t already play a bunch of these on Game Pass.

I highly recommend Unsighted in particular, and liked it enough to finish. Also enjoyed what I played of Fae Tactics and Archvale.

One of the co-creators of Fable has made an open-world retro RPG in the Ultima vein and is giving it away for free. It’s called Moonring.

Ooh! Nice find!

The creator is Dene Carter, by the way.

The Crysis Remstered Trilogy is on sale at the Playstation store for 17.49€. That’s a great price for three good to great single player shooters.
I’ve only played a couple of hours into the first game on the console, but it’s by far the most technically demanding game due to the big and wide maps. Looks attractive and modern, and it plays fine. The other two are supposed to run even better because the level design took better care of the tech-budget of the consoles.

Get the entire Warhammer 40K : Inquisitor - Martyr Definitive Edition (base game + 20 DLC) for a ridiculous $9.00 (90% off) on Steam this week.

Huge sale on games with procedural generation, including some tremendous titles. Even better deals if you’re a Choice member!

Don’t miss Against the Storm at a no-brainer price!

This is such an insanely good deal y’all, please do get it.

I got it in no small part because of your love for the game. Not sure when I’ll play it though ;)

We’ll sleep when we’re dead!


I’m just not sure I can overcome needing to rotate the camera. I’ve refunded it in the past because of it.

I’m sorry mate, I guess you could play without rotating the camera I guess?

You’re in luck! For an extra $99.99 per month, @BrianRubin will come to your home and rotate the camera for you while you play. Now there’s no excuse not to own Warhammer 40K : Inquisitor - Martyr Definitive Rubinized Edition!

RIYF - Rotate it…

Worth mentioning this game is online only. Game is 5 years old and before the sale averaging a couple hundred players a day. It’s definitely giving me pause.

Whatever it is doing with the servers, actual multiplayer is peer to peer as I had demonstrated when playing with my friend took around 1 minute to load each map and about 5 seconds when I was playing solo.

You definitely can’t. Well, not if you want to see yourself on the screen.

Wait sorry what happened?

Ugh, I’m sorry.