Bargain Thread 2023

If it doesn’t come up for you, try logging out and back in - I relaunched Steam and it showed up in my library.

Yep, I thought it seemed too good to be true. I bought Desktop Dungeons on GOG ages ago, but maybe they’ll launch DD:Rewind on GOG and give free upgrades there too.

The dev posted on Steam forums regarding this. Looks like the upgrade path was supported by Steam, but they don’t know about GOG, and it’s not even clear whether they have plans to release it on GOG?

And Steam didn’t have GOG Connect, so what?

Little bit flippant, isn’t it?

Well the platforms have differences and aren’t required to be uniform in features or pricing.

Indeed, which is why I support Epic. Got to have a half way decent competitor, and sadly, GoG isn’t it.

Another proof GOG sucks, and that the small part of religious followers of that platform enjoy blaming the rest of world for some overall conspiracy against this particular store.

Not sure if GoG sucks, but there are a lot of unsupported games, or series on GoG, which is a shame.

Oh it’s been proven, over and over, over the years. So many game devs have been burnt by their affected ignorance towards them - withstanding all the other issues that store have had on so many fronts too.
The fact they don’t even bother to answer whether they’ll host or not the sequel on their store front tells much of their contempts, and it’s quite a regular practice of theirs.

GOG sucks.

GOG is awesome! Your favorite band sucks.

GoG is awesome…at certain things.

It’s not great at others.

GOG brought back some great old games.

Didn’t they have to cut back on staff, development and sales because they’re an arm of CD Projekt Red and CP2077 did poorly?

The real story is that Desktop Dungeons Rewind is not an upgrade.

I mean, it’s literally not an upgrade, in that it’s a different, new game, with changes to gameplay, and it’s a completely different thing.

It’s also not figuratively an upgrade, because the visuals are objectively ass compared to the first game, in terms of functionality. (They may or may not be subjectively ass on an artistic basis depending on your personal preferences, but the first point is a simple fact.)

All the Desktop Dungeons Original Recipe owners getting Rewind for free is kind of like when we all got that U2 album on our iPods.

But yes, not every store gets every game. And Steam, as the dominant store, gets most games. News at 11.

Haha, the free forced U2 album. That’s a low blow.

From looking at the screenshots, Rewind appears to have that generic mobile game art style that usually turns me off. Definitely prefer the old look.

Is it different? I played the demo a while back and it was exactly identical to the original game, as far as I got, which admittedly wasn’t very far.

Yes. Among the relatively short list of extremely significant changes, dungeon grid dimensions now vary depending on your monitor resolution.

(Actually that’s one of the less-significant changes, as both dimension options add up to 400 tiles. Hard to imagine how that wouldn’t impact gameplay, though.)

On sale at Fanatical $14+

This is a repost from Age of Darkness thread

Steam currently has their Puzzle Fest sale, and you can get a hidden profile for your Steam account.

The puzzle to find the profile starts with their sale announcement video on Youtube.


Just click here to claim the profile:

This was from reddit. The numbers were displayed in the video, but I’m not sure how people were able to get the URL. Inputting the numbers into the search box didn’t appear to work.

edit: ok i see where the url comes from. it’s at the end of the video.