Bargain Thread 2023

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Fanatical has a bunch of really nice 2-3 game bundle packs for $1 each right now.

Medieval Kingdom Wars Deluxe Edition contains the base game plus the Royal Blood and Greater World DLC packs. Those two DLC alone are worth the $1 if you already have Medieval Kingdom Wars.

Stygian : Reign of the Old Ones and Through The Wood Double Pack Two nice horror-themed titles for $1.

Cyberpunk Themed Double Pack Re-Legion is a cyberpunk RTS that looks and feels a lot like a homage to the classic Syndicate games. Conglomerate 451 is a cyberpunk grid-based first-person dungeon crawler.

Starpoint Gemini 2 Gold Pack contains the base game plus the Origins, Secrets of Aethera and Titans DLCs. That’s a hell of a deal for $1.

Hero of the Kingdom Trilogy Pack contains Hero of the Kingdom I, II and III all for $1. These exploration and task-based games are fun and well-liked by many here on QT3, myself included.

Fugitives and Outlaws Double Pack Features two top down shooter adventures, 12 Is Better Than 6 and American Fugitive for $1.

Stealth Bastard Double Pack features stealth-based games Stealth Bastard Deluxe and Stealth Inc. 2 for $1.

Unity of Command Trilogy Bundle features Unity of Command - Stalingrad Campaign plus the Black Turn - Barbarossa 1941 and Red Turn - Road to Berlin 1943-45 DLCs for $1.

Uncertain Double Pack features story-driven adventure games Uncertain : Last Quiet Day and Uncertain : Light At The End for $1.

Valfaris and Slain Double Pack get both well-received platformers Valfaris and Slain for $1.

Plus several other $1 bundles.

This looks interesting.

Thanks for the tip. 3 bucks for a helluva lot of games.

I’m bundled up now. Thanks! Since I was in the neighborhood, I also grabbed Symphony of War and Oaken for $7.50 each from the Prestige Build-a-Bundle.

I was shocked to see new DLC for this older game. Zombie DLC!

Other than feeding the backlog, if one already has Unity of Command 2 & Starpoint Gemini Warlords, is there any point getting the earlier bundle games (forgetting about the price)?

I am now at 499 games on Steam, so I should save up and plan for something special for #500.

If you somehow don’t have it, get the Orange Box!

Bizarre you should say that, because I think that was my FIRST game on Steam. I bought Portal/OB for my PS3 ~2011 and it came with a Steam code so I signed up. That’s also why my account name has a psn_* on the front, because I knew I would be always gaming on PSN and not mostly on this PC game steam thingy. (never bought a PS4 or PS5…)

Do you like massive turn-based RPGs? Solasta : Crown of the Magister is currently on sale for $11.99.

It is so good! I just made about 30 characters this last weekend with the Unfinished Business mod. Spent hours rolling up “themed” 4 person groups. 3 Feet Under, Pointy Eared Party, Half Breeds, etc :). I then downloaded about 8 player made modules. I am locked and loaded for next week when the wife and kids are gone and I am on Staycation. It’s a steal at $12.00 much less $11.99!

My envy right now is palpable. PALPABLE!

Dangit. Solasta’s back to $29.99. :(

The list is long my friend. O chores there will be a plenty. However, the wife doesn’t know I hired my nephew…for a mere twenty. Lol.

He is also bringing over his gaming group and forcing me to play a tabletop RPG for the first time in 30 years. I said as long as all my…I mean his chores are done.

Apparently Field of Glory 2 is free for a few days:

Presumably they want you to buy some of the many DLC available :)

Warhammer 40K Inquisitor : Martyr Complete is $15.99 (80% off) on Steam.

Meanwhile, the Humble Choice Bundle this month features Remnant : From the Ashes - Complete Edition for only $12 (which is a 75% discount off the retail price all by itself) and you receive Ghostwire Tokyo and Curse of the Dead Gods along with 5 other titles for that $12. That’s a DEAL.

Here’s the complete collection (sans recent class DLC)

So it’s complete but it’s also not. Got it. :)

It was complete up until the recent DLC was released. I’m sure it’ll be added eventually, but even without this is a helluva deal.