Bargain Thread 2023

I was able to purchase it in bits which made it about $1.50 more (roughly $5 instead of $3 and change). That is still a ton off for a game that is apparently about to delisted, and I still have regrets over missing 40k Talisman before it got delisted. As stated the bundle’s issue is the exceptional weapons pack.

Sure, Space Wolf is backlog fodder, but it is a 40K tactical card game that has a platinum rating for Steam Deck use, so…

I was never able to purchase the whole bundle - only one at a time and totally unable to purchase the zero price DLC.

I am wondering if I buy another game and then also add the one DLC for zero to the cart if it would go through together.

Edit: Doesn’t work

Goddamnit, the will is weak, and I’m $3.49 poorer.

And everything-Space-Wolf richer!

I’d never play it, plus I just spent almost three times as much on Songs of Conquest!*

*Thanks to @Thraeg

I notice that the Exceptional Card Pack went form 0.00 to 0.46 on the storefront. Thinking the the publisher is trying to fix the problem but when I add it to my Cart it goes back to zero.

A bit annoying. ; )


Instead of trying to work out the Exceptional Card Pack issue on Steam, I refunded everything and bought the complete pack on GOG. Somehow, it also saves me just under 50% off the Steam price even though both are 90% off. Weird.

Ah well, now that it’s in my GOG backlog, I’ll probably forget about it anyway. That’s the way of my backlog.

Yeah, Steam won’t let me buy the Deluxe bundle

Oh that is brilliant! I copied you and refunded and bought on GOG.

Wait is this a bargain on top of the bargain?! Sold! (Space Wolf Complete on GOG was $2.98 USD for me vs $3.99 and transaction errors on Steam)

Friends, Bloody Rally Show – one of my favorite racing games – is now down to $2.99, its lowest price ever.

Gamalytic indicates those lovely devs need us to buy it at a higher price than that. I hope they’re doing better than the estimates.

Oh, the dev has long since given up on the idea of making money from BRS, sadly. They’ve moved on to working on this:

That said BRS is a WONDERFUL game with dozens, if not hundreds of hours of gameplay.

If you’re one of the five people who STILL hasn’t played one of the best campaigns of all time, it’s only $2.99 for god’s sake. Put down the Starfield and play a truly great science fiction all-timer.

Absolutely, and in 8 to 10 hours when you’ve seen all Titanfall 2 has to show you, Starfield will be waiting for you.

I submit THE best. ;)

I mean, it’s a linear shooter right? I don’t think I’ve had one of those hold my attention since the first part of Crysis (before the stupid aliens showed up). Sell me?

I never made it past the tutorial where it tried to get me to do a wallrun. After a dozen or more attempts at that, I just bailed and never returned to the game. Guess I’m just too old for any fancy moves in my games…

It’s got the EA account and activation required shit so no thanks.

If you can accept playing a shooter on controller, Titanfall 2 has been $4 on console. It doesn’t require specific account activation, at least not for the single-player campaign. Maybe it happens automatically behind the scenes. I was happy as long as I didn’t have to install or register anything else specifically.