Bargain Thread 2023

This. I wanted a shooter, not freaking Mirror’s Edge with mechs.

It has amazing level design, wonderful writing and meaty gunplay, along with fun wall-running and even time-travel! It’s really a marvel.

Huh, I never had an issue. Have you tried with both keyboard and controller? Some find controller a bit easier with the wall running.

That is nooooooot what this game is at all.

It’s a shooter.

A shooter that requires parkour skills to get past platforming segments 🤮

That sounds very cool actually, like Warframe before wallrunning was patched out.

I can vouch for the difficulty of the wall-running tutorial. I had to try it many many times over.

But I did get past it and played a chunk of the campaign. I think I stopped playing in a factory level where you spend a lot of time in mech mode (maybe going back and forth between modes?). I think they introduced different weapon loadouts for the mech at that point? And it was just overload for me. Way too much to think about, way too many controls to master. Prior to that, it was a solid shooter with some slick traversal features and nice levels, but human mode was nothing revelatory and mech mode ended up being a mess. The setting was generic military gung-ho stuff though with a pretty effective Blackhawk Down, survive against overwhelming odds plotline.

Your mileage will almost certainly vary from mine–I’m not a die-hard FPS player, I just appreciate ones that do something different. Titanfall 2 didn’t end up being very notable to me.

Yeah the factory level is how far I made it as well. I kept dying there and lost momentum.

I didn’t have any issues with wall-running in the game though. It was all pretty simple up to that point.

Well, you all quit too early. If you had simply seen through that level, you’d have seen what people rave about. They use those early levels to teach you how to move and shoot.

But you know, there’s a reason Titanfall 2 failed, and it’s mainly because there are a lot of people out there who can’t figure out how to play videogames that aren’t the same as all the others that came before them. This is why we never got another one, and why Apex Legends took out all the stuff that made Titanfall unique, dumbing it down into something the masses could play without thinking too much.

It’s very frustrating.

Bottom line is you all missed out and I feel sorry for all of you.

i don’t know if it’s possible to roll my eyes harder at the condescension. And I liked Titanfall 2.

I’m here wondering how can you fail at TF2 wallrunning. It’s like… pressing a button? And then it works on its own?

Haha I fail at pretty much any twitch shooter. In the UT99 and Q3 days I was a badass who could headshot in milliseconds. Now I am barely competent at selecting successfully in turn based games like BG3.

I think for a lot of people (and this is why it’s not in Apex IMO) is because it requires thinking in three dimensions. Like, that’s absolute innovation and it expands your gameplay options tenfold once you engage with it, but for a lot of people you’ve just added too much brain power for them to even begin to engage.

Look at the complaints from people who played Titanfall multiplayer and were turned away… “I kept getting headshot from angles I never even saw them coming…” was a common refrain. Well, yeah, you have to think about more than what’s right in front of your face. There are people running above you too. It was just too much, and you have more comments here that prove it.

I suspect Titanfall will forever as a series be this thing that’s too far ahead of its time for everyone who wasn’t willing to engage with it on its own terms, and that sucks. It’s a brilliantly executed game in every single way. The fact they could basically take out two (important) things, switch it to Battle Royale, and still have a massive hit on their hands with Apex Legends proved it IMO. But Apex is no Titanfall. There’s nothing like Titan combat, and the pilots who command them. The Apex crew aren’t worthy of piloting a Titan, and I love that game and played it extensively.

On the contrary, I stopped playing because Titanfall 2 was too much like other shooters–in setting and tone as well as the overall action experience.

just git good!

ok boomers

It’s a weird sensation when every once and awhile a thread at QT3 momentarily feels like it was taken from a steam forum.

Light mode prevents that feeling

Like! Like! Where’s my like button!!!

The TF2 campaign is a lot of fun, I don’t think I would call it “the best” ever, but there are some stand-out moments. The boss fights end up being a bit of a bore, shoot… hide… recharge… shoot as do a lot of the campaign mech parts (especially when you compare to how fun the mechs are in MP) and the story was a little meh for me. Especially when compared to the much more awesome COD Infinite Warfare campaign storyline. (also including a robot pal that has a very similar fate, E3N, you will always rule)

There are 2 individual level sequences in TF2 that would stand out as some of the best moments of all time in a shooter, Effect and Cause and Into the Abyss are probably 2 of the best shooter campaign levels of all time. Those would be worth 10 bucks alone.

I want to touch on this more, if you really liked the character of BT-7274, you’ll also love E3N, your robot pal who many of your crew dislike due to him being a bot, but he earns his way into your crew’s heart over the game and even though his sacrifice was one of many to save the fleet, in the end credits his name was not on the memorial wall. That got me way more than the TF2 ending.

The COD:IW campaign is really frigging good, especially since you spend a large portion of it captaining a spaceship and choosing missions etc, doing debriefs, launching into space battles with no loading (your fighter ship is grav-launched during the loading) it felt really fresh for a COD title. It is almost like a space-admiral simulator in a barebones form. Criminally underplayed, partly because it came out a week after Titanfall 2.

It will never go on sale though, Bobby Kotick needs that money.

By TF2 you mean Team Fortress 2 that came in the Orange Box a million years ago? I didn’t even know that had single-player.