Bargain Thread 2023

Titanfall 2, see the last few dozen posts.

Ah, got it, sorry. It’s just that TF2 is kind of the consensus abbreviation for the other thing. Maybe this one could be Tf2 with lower-case! ;-)

No worries, it threw me off for a second too and I’ve been reading this thread!

I would have not used it, but Team fortress 2 doesn’t have a campaign.

I was on the fence to change it or not.

TWoM:CE for switch is just $2 on the nintendo eShop. Sale ends Monday.

See how annoying that is? Just type the name of the game!

It’s This War of Mine Complete Edition.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’d thought about picking this up before, but never had. Just played through the opening couple of sections (fought my first Titan) and enjoying it so far.

The wall running feels really good! I had no trouble even jumping between walls, which I found much harder in other games that had this. Yeah, I have flubbed one on occasion, but no big deal.

Glad I could find you a great game for less than a cup of coffee!

I don’t play shooters much, and the ones I do are usually rpgs (borderlands, mass effect, etc). So I do worry about the difficulty. I’m playing on normal and had a couple of spots where I died multiple times, but a change in tactics was all I needed, and I can drop to easy if needed.

I appreciate that the game encourages you to snipe from long range and will frequently let you take your time doing so (at least so far). At least early, they seem to give you weapon crates with guns that are useful for the specific situation, like coming across a gun emplacement and finding a rocket launcher for the first time.

I’m not great at action games, but the wall running in TF2 is pretty forgiving and the ghostrunner helps a lot in later levels when the route is less obvious. I never quite got the hang of mech combat, though. I kind of muddle through those sections.

I need to get back to this one and finish the campaign at some point. I changed gaming rigs and never got around to reinstalling the game and making sure my old saves were in the right spot.

The much lauded Tinykin is 50% off on Steam, for anyone who was unable to avail themselves of it on Game Pass.

Friends vs Friends has a free weekend and $5 sale on Steam.

Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak is down to $30 on Steam, new lowest price.

Fanatical has a Warhammer 40k Space Wolf bundle that has the game plus 4 DLC for $1. I saw that people were having trouble buying stuff on Steam earlier, so maybe this helps someone.

I wanted to quote this intriguing recommendation in the Mortal Kombat 1 thread:

And note that this week, both Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11 are on sale on Xbox Store for $5 each. And Mortal Kombat 11 is even a Play Anywhere game, so you get it the Windows store version of the game as well.

I think I’m going to bite and take @nijimeijer’s advice and set it to easy and play the story mode.

More Warhammer 40K : Space Wolf goodness on offer! Humble Bundle has the Herocraft Humongus Collection Bundle live.

At $25 for the full bundle it’s a little pricey, BUT the super secret here is that you can choose the 7 Item $1 version of the bundle to get everything Warhammer 40K : Space Wolf (base game and all 6 DLC) for only a buck!
EDIT : Not everything, it looks like Exceptional Card Pack DLC is missing, but you can get it for $0.59 at Fanatical, making it a total of $1.59 for everything Space Wolf.
IMPORTANT : You must redeem the Steam keys by October 12th, as that’s when the game is being delisted from Steam.

The full bundle contains Herocraft’s newest game, 4X strategy title Revival : Recolonization, which is $29.99 on Steam and has Very Positive review scores. You can also get much of the Herocraft Catalog for $15, including the @wumpus favorite Tempest : Complete Edition (sorry, not sorry!) if you take out Revival : Recolonization.

Speaking of $1 deals…over at Fanatical they have the following:

Rebel Galaxy and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw together for $1.

Banners of Ruin and Legend of Keepers together for $1.

Note this is not the upcoming WH40k tactical RPG from Owlcat that I’m unreasonably excited about. That releases in December.

Oh wow man, that’s like the best dollar you can spend.

Right? Thanks Joe Biden!

Amaaaaaazing deal. BIYF.

Buy It You Fool?

Bought It Yesterday, Folks.