Bargain Thread 2023

Thanks! I picked up Sparks of Hope, which I feel a bit dumb about since I never finished Kingdom Battle (well, I did, but not the DLC), but for $20, why not.

Same. Didn’t even get halfway through the first game. I had enjoyed it so much thought this would be an insta-buy for me, but then some of the early reviews put me off it, but hey, $20!

That’s way below my MUST-BUY-AT price for Nintendo games I’m interested in but not 100% sold on - those rarely go below $40…

Man, I bought FE Engage for $40 just 2 weeks ago!

Sparks is not bad, fairly easy. Scratches xcom itch and it has overworld traveling.

Sakuna is quite interesting. I obsessed over the rice cultivation for a while, even googling real life techniques to try to figure out how to do it in the game

Great humble bundle:

  • .hack Recode
  • Code Vein
  • God Eater 3
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Pac-Man Museum collection
  • Tales of Vesperia
  • Tekken 7

It’s cheap too! ~10$

I’ve already played all* these games and I still bought it.

Almost bought this on sight just for Katamari, but I thought it was We Love Katamari REROLL. Caught myself just in time and realized it is original Katamari. Still great! Still worth $10! But I have it already. (BTW, also it’s on sale for $8 right now on Steam, so def don’t buy this just for Katamari.)

I didn’t know they rerolled the 2nd game. Wishlisted :)

Heads up re: Tekken 7. Don’t activate that key if you want to buy the DLC. There’s collection packages that go on sale, but they don’t have discounts if you already own the game. You won’t even be able to buy them. One is 85% off right now with most of the characters for ~15$.

Also that 25% coupon on Tales of Arise is an anti-deal – that would still be $30, and it’s been $24 in the last couple sales.

Wonder if there’s any way to get my Code Vein save out of the Xbox ecosystem – I started that when it was on Game Pass but didn’t finish.

Anyone want to make an impassioned plea for .hack, God Eater 3, or Tales of Vesperia being incredible?

Otherwise I’ll probably pass on this one. Strikes me as stuff that I’d probably have a nice time if I played it, but that I don’t see myself prioritizing over the similar games waiting for me to get back to them.

God Eater 3 is pretty awesome if you ask me. If you enjoy Monster Hunter and would like a different take on that formula, I would recommend it, as long as you are willing to deal with some jank and lots of anime stuff, kinda.

Tales of Vesperia is in my backlog. I might play it some day. But if Tales of Berseria is on sale, that one gets a pretty strong recommendation from me. I loved it.

New fanatical 3$/3 game build a bundle:

I had fun with Metronomicon (includes soundtrack! has great songs!) and Darkside Detective.

There’s also Lair of the Clockwork God so there, there’s 3 games. I don’t know if anything else is worth buying. I am Fish was too difficult for me to enjoy.

Oh thanks, Friday Night Funkin is all the rage with the kids at the moment, so Metronomicon should be a treat!

I had a lot of fun with The Wild Eight and plan to go back to it at some point. It’s a survival game with a setting that feels like The Long Dark mixed with LOST. Be forewarned that while it is a finished product, it doesn’t seem to be supported anymore by the developer, so any bugs you do encounter will never be fixed. That said, I haven’t seen anything game breaking in the over 20 hours I’ve played, and I had a lot of fun learning the games mechanics and exploring the weird Alaskan wilderness. It’s a bargain at $1.

Sword of the Necromancer is supposed to be pretty good as well.

FIVE DAYS without a post in the Bargain Thread?!


Fanatical’s Star Deal today is Dredge for $16.24 (35%) which is pretty much a historic low for this QT3 recommended Eldritch Horror Fishing & Restaurant Management game.

In keeping with the Cthulhu theme Fanatical has a Create Your Own Fall Bundle with games as low as $1, 5 for $3 and 10 for $5. Most have been bundled previously, but you can make a nice $3 bundle out of:

  • Stygian : Reign of the Old Ones
  • Re-Legion
  • Gemcraft - Frostborn Wrath
  • Scarlet Tower
  • Through the Woods

Have you finished Baldur’s Gate 3 (or maybe you’re waiting for it to go on sale) and are looking for a new beefy RPG to sink your time into? Fanatical has Solasta : Crown of the Magister for $8.39 (72%) which is just pennies higher than it’s historic low. Hours of RPG fun utilizing the Dungeons and Dragons SRD 5.1 Ruleset.

On Xbox they have a Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate + Injustice 2 legendary edition for $10 bundle. After @nijimeijer mentioned that the Mortal Kombat X and 11 campaigns were worth playing through, I got the Mortal Kombat X game for $5 on sale, and now I can have two others for $10 more. Kind of tempting.

I assume the Injustice 2 campaign is also kind of fun and over the top like MK?

Both of those games are on gamepass so you don’t need to buy them!

They’re short. That’s a good deal though. I liked the Injustice 2 campaign. It’s better than some of the DC movies.

Check out their DLC characters if there’s any you want to play. There’s fun stuff like Robocop, Terminator, Hellboy, Ninja Turtles. MK also comes with a short DLC campaign expansion.

I might bite on that Solasta deal. It’s leaving gamepass next week, and unfortunately so is Persona 5. No one has time to finish both of those…

So did I. It’s pretty good and pretty fun.

Now that isn’t saying much. ;)

One Dollar!


Dredge, the eldritch fishing game is the current Star Deal at Fanatical. 35% off brings it to $16.24.

Cryptark is free on Steam for the next two days.

Ooooh, nice! It’s a pretty interesting game.


and then PIYF!