Bargain Thread for Hardware?


Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been meaning to get something for my S3. Full body protector is a bonus, I can take this ugly gel case off now.


Newegg has the Seagate 4TB HD for $149.99 today with free shipping.


ooma refurb on woot for $80

even better an obi200 (supports up to 4 voip services and fax) for $40 (ordered one to test out; stusser recommended)


I can vouch for the Obi 200 as well. I’ve had one for a while now, and it works great.


The obi devices are amazing bargains, assuming you actually care about having traditional phones. I got mine several years ago, set it up with google voice, and it still works today. I don’t use it much, every couple weeks at most, but when I happen to pick it up or get a call on that line, it functions flawlessly. Don’t buy an ooma.


Got my obi 200 in today. Setup was a breeze since I already had my google voice account all ready to go. I was surprised how small the device is. Calls sounded pretty clear to me. As long as google keeps renewing their free google voice policy every year we should be set. The only thing is if you want E911 services it will cost you $12 / year which is like nothing. I’ll parallel test this for a while but I’m pretty sure I’ll be letting my phone power contract run out.

I got the iphone app working too which requires you to go back into obitalk and configure the softphone by picking the gateway.


I got the obihai in early 2011. I’ve had it for 31 months so far. At $30/month, I saved $930, for something I was barely using before. It really is a great device.


I usually scan Reddit’s “Build a PC Sales” sub in the morning, but I haven’t seen a similar Reddit community for electronics.


You’re close. Their subreddit is /r/buildapc – oh wait you meant one for general electronics SALES. For USA stuff I just trawl FatWallet, SlickDeals and TechBargains.


Pretty low price for a 27" WQHD (2560x1440) LCD:


Oohhh, that is a good price! Should I grab it?


Well, I did :) The reviews on newegg indicate a failure rate higher than you would normally expect. Hopefully I won’t need it, but it does have a 3 year warranty from HP.


Damn, that was a great price. Sold out now, of course.


Gaaahh, ah well…there should be more deals closer to black Friday.


Oh, look. It turns out they DO have some left…at $677. I suspect that really low price was a mistake.


Nah, the original seller was themselves. The current seller is a different vendor, similar to how amazon’s storefront works.


Staples has a 50$ off any $149 regular priced tablet deal.

I got a 2nd gen Google Nexus 7 ,32GB model shipped to my house w/tax for $232. Better than anything I think we will see for this tablet on black friday.

Slickdeals thread here:


asus rt-ac66u for $141 after $30 MIR at newegg:


If you happen to be in Stowe, Vermont (like me! rain sucks!), you can be like me and pick up this Outdoor Technology DJ Slims bluetooth headphone for $35 from Skiershop. Comes in black color only; 3 units left. This is a great headphone for music listening. I haven’t tried to use the phone/mic half of this yet. Has a 9hr Li-ion battery, recharges using USB only with a proprietary-ish small round jack.


Amazon DOTD is Transcend 256GB SSD for $130. Is that a good deal? I noticed the write speed is only 290MB/s (vs 540MB/s for a Samsung SSD).