Bargain Thread for Hardware?


Newegg has the new Crucial MX100 drive in 512GB size for $212.99. If you pay with a mastercard and use masterpass, you get $20 extra off. Free shipping too.

Total came out to $192.99

Finally going to upgraded my 180gb ssd, that has been 90% full for the last 3 months.


Groupon has the Acer C720 chromebook refurb for $130. Cheapest I’ve seen yet. I’m tempted to grab a 2nd one.


I love this little thing. Definitely one of the best tech bargains out there.


I’ve got the C710 (got it for $100 a few months back) and love that, too. It’s not my primary PC, of course, but it’s great for quick browsing and email.


Amazon Fire TV for $84


I bought one of these for my daughter and we liked it so much we ordered a second one. It’s great for a couch laptop – very light and that Chrome OS is very peppy.


Reporting in, the SSD has been fantastic so much that I ordered a second one last week just for Steam and Origin games. Finally rocking 1TB of ssd space. :D


google nexus 7" 16gb 2nd gen (2013) refurb $130 + free leather tablet sleeve.

This is the same deal/seller when I bought mine a few months ago except they are throwing in a free sleeve now too. This thing looked new when I got it and has performed flawlessly. Battery life has been good too.

My impressions:


Pulling this from the (Games) Bargain Thread:


Thanks! I should have looked for a hardware thread. Here is the same quote but with the links included.

Looks like you can get a 1TB SSD over at Newegg for just $389 if you use the code: EMCPBHD22. This is according a post on the PC Master Race subreddit.


6TB seagate for $193 ($32/TB. $30/TB is about the best I see lately). Grab 6 or so of these and you can beat rei! Of course the thought of losing 6TB in ONE SHOT terrifies me.
best buy via ebay:


Seeing the Newegg deal reminded me to post something about, which I just heard about the other day. It’s basically Amazon Prime for a group of non-Amazon sites, including Newegg. 2 day shipping, free return shipping, $79 a year…on “selected items”, so who knows how extensive that selection is. I’m a member because my American Express card comes with it for free. Haven’t actually used it yet myself, but it sounds useful.


You’re really rolling the dice with Seagate this year.


I actually just signed up for this for free because of the American Express deal. It seems like it lasts forever too as long as you keep your american express card. I haven’t used it yet though.


I’m up to 50TB (briefly) !


So my desktop WD 2GB drive is dying (yay backups). 2GB was getting a little tight but hardly unworkable as a secondary photo/steam drive so 3gb+ would be preferred. I was looking at the $190 4TB NAS HGST 7200rpm for reliability reasons but more space for cheaper would be nice.


Why would you get a NAS drive for your desktop? Get a WD black, or if you have a decent sized SSD for applications/games, a WD green/blue. Do not buy Seagate.


I was thinking about swapping it out with one of my smaller NAS drives on my home server (but didn’t mention that important fact heh), but mostly I wanted reliability. Thinking it through I don’t really care all that much about reliability on my desktop drive, it’s all backed up to the server and then crashplan as well. I am fine with taking a risk on a cheaper drive, though not Seagate obviously.


NAS/RAID-branded drives aren’t necessarily more reliable, although some are and come with better warranties. Primarily, they use different caching algorithms and don’t park their heads as frequently, as they’re expected to be in constant use. If you have a SSD, and God help you if you don’t, just pick up a WD blue and be done with it.


New low for refurb acer c720 chromebook: $117 free shipping.
10% off promo code: