Bargain Thread for Hardware?


In anticipation of doing a clean install on my gaming rig in the near future (Win 10 upgrade), I decided now’s a good time to upgrade my SSD. 480 GB at NewEgg for $120.


I am going to buy an Alienware Alpha soon, the basic model. It’s $499 at Dell but Amazon has it at $399. Just hoping there’s some kind of seasonal sale that will let me save a bit more, so if someone sees something, please post here. Thanks.

P.S. I’ve dutifully checked Black Friday sales and so far, nada.


Shows as $389 for me-- not bad! Pick up an additional 4GB SO-DIMM and you’ll be good to go.

Definitely get the alpha, not the steambox. You want windows.


Yep. Not only is Windows better because you get a much bigger library of games, I think it was Ars Technica that recently did a performance analysis and found that the same games run faster and smoother on Windows rather than on SteamOS, when using the same hardware.


A longshot, but check your local Best Buy. There’s an open box i3 Alpha at mine that I’m hoping to talk them down a bit on from the $350 marked price. Here’s the benchmarks that Ars ran:


You can get the Sennheiser HD 600 open headphones for $250 + free shipping right now, which is the lowest I’ve seen them. If they’re in your price range, I highly recommend them.

I talk more about them here.


Hey guys, I’m looking for a 360 controller, and Amazon has it for $23, or even $19 through 3rd party sellers. Has it ever been cheaper? I can’t find out.



I would say $19 for official controllers is pretty darned cheap. That’s at least 50% off.


Huh, it’s kinda funny, the $19 prices are from China-based shippers with free shipping. Might that mean they’re knockoffs?


$23 is the cheapest it’s ever been from Amazon, at least. I’m oh so tempted to get another one, but I really don’t need two. By the time mine dies I’m sure the PS4 or XBox One controller will be cheap enough.

If I did buy it though, I’d pay the $4 premium and get it from Amazon instead of [Random Chinese Merchant].


Well, I want one so I can do local coop games via Steam Link.


I guess a plain, wireless controller is no good for you? I guess you’d need the dongle or something to use on the PC.


Brian, the Microsoft Store has the Xbox One controller for $39.99 today. Worth the extra money, IMHO.


Too late, already spring for it! $23 was too good to pass up.


Too late, already sprung for it! $23 was too good to pass up.


Massdrop has the Grado SR60e headphones for $60 plus shipping with a limit of 71 pairs and the SR125e for $135 plus shipping with a limit of 50 pairs. Grado is still dumb about international sales, so if you don’t live in the US or have a reseller in your country, this is probably your best option.

I have a set of the older SR60i and love them apart from them being a bit uncomfortable while wearing them for long periods and unsuited for noisy places since they’re an open design.


Doesn’t look like I can get the Xbox Elite controller until Dec 28. Ugh.


I actually prefer corded stuff if at all possible. Not the biggest fan of wireless peripherals.


At my computer, I absolutely prefer wired too. On the couch, wireless is pretty sweet.


The low-end Grado headphones sound great for the money, but note that they are not especially rugged. I babied mine and the cord and foam started wearing out in a year or so. The Sennheiser HD 25 IIs I’ve been using since are REALLY solid (but ugly). You can replace just about any wear part with spares as well. Of course those are more expensive at $240 or so.