Bargain Thread for Hardware?


It must be the time to buy headphones or something because I just bought some Sony MDRV6s at Amazon for $49.99 which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen those.


i get that - I switched back to a wired mouse some time ago, and never saw any value in a wireless keyboard for a desktop (obviously both great if have a PC hooked up to TV in living room though - although bluetooth a necessity, not IR). That said, I do see value in having wireless controllers, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one that wasn’t, since I never used a gamepad until the 360 generation.


I would buy the hell out of a wired version of the MS Ergonomic Desktop I use, but it only comes wireless and the ergo benefits overshadow the occasional annoyance of wireless communication failures.


It’s funny, I have a mix of consoles that use wired (PS2, Dreamcast) and Wireless (PS3, Wii) controllers, and have no problem with any of 'em. PC though, I’m all wired 100%. The cords on the 360 controllers are so bloody long it’s barely an issue.


If there wasn’t such a supply shortage I would consider this more fair value than bargain. Microcenter’s offering a PowerSpec G313 tower with GTX 1070 (reports are it’s a Zotac Amp), i5-6600k, 16GB RAM, and 480GB SSD for $1k. For someone who wants a high end system with no fuss that’s a negligible markup vs building your own.


Nice. That seems like a good deal. Of course, it gets a little bit less impressive once you add Kansas taxes at the Microcenter near me. Probably closer to $1100 with tax.


$229.00 with the $20 rebate going on.


Thermaltake V21 Core Black, on sale for $40 after a $20 mail in rebate. Great looking Micro ATX case.


This is a great UPS at a heck of a good price. It’s a lightning deal so move quick. 81% claimed already.


Yes sir, I’ve had mine a few months now, exact same model, its great!


So, I’ve got a bit over 100 dollars on a dell gift card that needs to be used by March. Any suggestions on what is a good deal? I was thinking either a sound bar or a blu ray play, since I have neither of those, but other than that, I’m at a bit of a loss. I am trying to get something that my wife can use as well (she is a non gamer and it is a family gift card). Too bad Dell doesn’t sell roku boxes or the like.


This isn’t techy stuff, but it is “hardware” I guess.

Alpha Industries, the longtime contractor for the US military’s field jackets, parkas, and flight jackets is having a pretty big end-of-year sale.

You have to to do some digging for all the deals, but here’s an example:

That’s the N-3B W3X cold weather parka (the water resistant coat with the fake fur hood trim) for $39.99. It’s normally $200.

Or this one:

The black and orange color selection of the N-3B slim fit parka down to $99 instead of the regular $200.

You can use code HAPPY20 on checkout to get a bit more off. I ordered the N-3B W3X in olive green using the code and got it down to $32.

The only caveat: Shipping can be expensive outside of the continental US.


This is a very unusual definition of a hardware bargain. But I like it! Thanks @Telefrog. Those are very tempting.


Good deal! I picked up a parka also.

HAPPY20 did not work for me but TAKE20 did.


The 2nd link has a brown parka for $49. :)

I don’t need one , but still looked at them all!


Some of these are amazing deals. First, these are hardcore cold-weather coats, time-tested by decades of military use. They’re rugged, warm, and made for extended wear. Second, these really are normally much more expensive. You can check out pricing on eBay and other sites and see that these discounts aren’t just BS. Finally, some of the color and fit combinations actually look fashionable if you’re concerned about looking like you shopped at a military surplus store.


It already seems some of the sales are off? The 3B parka shows $200. (Slim fit).


I probably don’t need a parka, but for $32 I took a flier. If it fits, then I have another option and if it doesn’t I’ll drop it off at a local shelter.


Try the black and orange color on the SLIM FIT N-3B. It drops down to $99 when you check the boxes.


Oh man that is obscure. Thanks