Bargain Thread for Hardware?


Looks like the M-65 CAIMAN lightweight field coat is on sale too.

$45 instead of the normal $180.


And I found a women’s N-3B W parka on sale too!

Click the Cocoa color box and the price drops to $40 from the normal $200. Looks like that’s the only color on sale there.


That is cool. My Father in Law has a birthday in January, and is an avid hunter and outdoors man.


This is the same parka my Dad was issued in 1983 when he was stationed at Thule, Greenland in the Air Force.

It is the same parka I was issued when I was stationed at Offutt in Omaha, Nebraska. That was a rude awakening the day I got that parka and recognized where I’d seen it before.

It’s warm though, to that I can attest.


Actually you probably got the N3B, not this N3B-W3X, which has a waxed cotton shell, not the shiny/slippery material the original N3B’s had, which Alpha also sells.


Yeah, the W3X has the waxed outer shell that makes it more water resistant than the other jackets. It also unfortunately makes it dryclean only if you want to keep it water resistant.

If you don’t care about water resistance, then you can just wash it normally and the wax will slowly come off, leaving the coat with a dull finish. It will still be warm as heck.

Keep in mind that the N3B “snorkel” parka (so-called because you can zip the hood up, leaving a small hole for your eyes) was a military spec contract for decades so a number of manufacturers have versions of it. Alpha Industries is just one of them.


Mine was definitely not nylon. Not sure if it was waxed at one point. I was not the first owner. But I was the last! Stole that sucker when I got out.


That’s an amazing bargain, Telefrog, thanks for posting it. Just got that great N3B-W3X for $33.99 after promo code, and $0 shipping, plus since it is a Google Trusted Store, my delivery is protected, whatever that means!


I ended up buying an incredibly awful looking yellow one. Really appreciate the link though, as I get older how it looks starts to matter less and less and how it performs starts to matter so much more. There were some really interesting items on the site, if you are into air force /Nasa replica’s. Thanks for posting that Telefrog.


can anyone use a Radeon HD6850 2GB as an upgrade for the cost of shipping? I’m in Alberta, Canada.


Currently I’m running a older AMD Radeon HD 5670, so that would be an upgrade. That being said, I’m not very experienced with upgrading my computer, (memory, and harddrive only really) so I wouldn’t know where to begin to see if it would work with my desktop (it has an older Intel Core i5- 750 process from 6-7 years ago).

But if you think it will work with my system, and you don’t mind giving it to a newb, I would love to be considered.


should be a nice upgrade, pm me your address and i’ll get a quote on how much it will cost to ship.


Likely a price mistake, but Dell is showing a 250GB SSD for $20 right now. Worth a shot in any case.


If they don’t cancel the orders I’ll have four of those and a 29.99 256GB m.2 SSD as well. :)


As a follow up on the jacket post, my N3B W3X arrived yesterday. Great fit. I grabbed an L when I normally wear an M. It’s roomy, so sweaters and whatnot will work underneath, but it’s not a baggy sack.

Unfortunately, the liner I ordered was cancelled. I spoke to one of their reps and she told me that they were overwhelmed with the response on their sale, and a lot of late orders had to be cancelled. I guess my jacket slipped in under the gate, but the liner ran out. Oh well. I’m not going to complain about a $33 heavy parka.


Yeah, one of the jackets I ordered got cancelled too. But I got the warm one for if I ever travel, so…

Boo. But it was a hell of a sale.


I think it was supposed to be $20 OFF, not $20.

It costs $79 now. and somebody’s typo probably cost them their job.


Doubtful that someone lost their job. I ordered two of those $20 SSDs on a lark. The order was cancelled a couple of days later, and my PayPal account was never charged.


Same here


Just got my $32 back, so no parka…